Case Study – How I Made $400 With Facebook Ads In One Week

Today I’m going to share with you a tactic that is still quite fresh and untapped, there have been a couple of guys I have seen do very well from this, but it’s not yet mainstream.

Two weeks ago, I decided to try a little case study to prove that anyone can make money with Facebook ads and with little to no experience and minimal upfront costs. This was not one of my usual niche site ideas, however it did have lots promise and would be quick and easy to set up and test the market.

In a little over 7 days I made over $400 profit, with zero experience and low upfront costs. This case study and the resources I provide will allow you to take this method and you too can make over $1,600 /month.

The Project

As with everything on Cloud Income, lets jump right into the good stuff.

The site I used to make my profit was

TeeSpring Header

For those of you new to TeeSpring, essentially it allows you to design t-shirts (for free) that you can then promote and sell. These t-shirts are not printed until you hit a sales goal.

This beauty of TeeSpring’s business plan is in it’s simplicity. They have taken a proven model, selling t-shirts, and mixed that with the Groupon model of group buying.

You are asked to choose a minimum number of tee’s you will sell before they go to print. The trick is choosing a volume that is high to make a nice return on investment (the higher you set the sales target the cheaper your price per tee = more profit) but also setting the actual sales price per t-shirt, to a price you think people will pay.

Later in this study, I will explain how you can hit the sweet spot with your campaign.

Here is the results from my campaign which ended on the 14th April. (I told you this was fresh!)

TeeSpring Payout

Setting Up a Campaign

Starting a TeeSpring campaign is super simple and it really is just a few clicks and your all set. You can check out their “How It Works” guide, but if you’re anything like me you can just drive right in a figure things out.

There is however, one key element we need before we can get started and that is a t-shirt design. I picked up an illustrator on oDesk that charged $15 /hour. He could knock out 2-3 designs in that time so it was minimal investment. To be honest you could completely cut this step out if you have even mediocre Photoshop skills, I was just impatient!

If I was to give you just one piece of advice on t-shirt design, it would be to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

You may find great designs like this and think you can do something similar or better. Please don’t. My research shows that these campaigns are being promoted to an already engaged audience on some huge Facebook fan pages.

If you already have that audience then go for it. Otherwise just keep it simple.

Setting Your Targets

The more tees you aim to sell the lower you base cost per tee.

To use my design as an example;

My Design

  • I used the standard t-shirt style and just used 2 colors (Black & White) the more colors you have the higher the base price.
  • I set the sales target to 30
  • I set my price per tee at $19.95
  • My base costs were $8.30 per tee.

The blue box at the bottom shows a new feature of TeeSpring that didn’t exist when I created my campaign. Essentially you can now choose various styles of your design and also what colors are available to order. Previously this information had to be emailed to TeeSpring once you launched the campaign.

Here is the actual description I added to the sales page (feel free to steal it);

Were You Born In 1974?

Limited Edition 
Made in 1974 • Aged To Perfection

Available NOW! Be Quick to Avoid disappointment, these WILL sell out!

Normally, $29.95 – Today you can buy it for only $19.95, and have a Collectors Item. This is a LIMITED EDITION, Order yours before we sell out.


Setting Your Tee Price

For me, $19.95 was the price I went with. You will see a variation in prices as you research, however most will be around the $20 mark.

This is enough for you to make a nice profit and also not too much to make people think twice about buying.

Do your research and have a play around with the numbers in TeeSpring. It will automatically calculate your potential profit for the campaign just be sure to set a reasonable sale target and price.

Getting Traffic

This is key to a successful campaign. TeeSpring suggest sharing your campaign URL with your friends and family on Facebook etc. Well I’m not sure about you but if you want a decent amount of sales, you are going to have to target a bit better than that!

Facebook Ads

Basically this strategy involves using Facebook ads, and getting the cost per sale down to a level that allows us to be profitable.

My initial plan was to use the ‘custom audience’ feature to target peoples names. However you are no longer able to use a custom audience combined with a TeeSpring campaign. You can try, however your ads will be rejected.

So how do we target a specific niche?

We are going to play by the rules and use what Facebook are offering.

In my example campaign below, you can see the exact ad I used to drive over 50 sales to each campaign which resulted in $400+ profit.

1974 Successful Facebook Ad

Why this ad worked?

To be honest this ad was a set and forget. I mean I did nothing to improve the ad once it launched, beyond increasing my daily ad spend once I had a proven campaign. (which is decided by the spreadsheet below).

However as you can see the ad did well;

  1. Over 1,400 Likes, 155 comments and 400 shares. That is some nice engagement and is what I believe helped to keep my CPC down.
  2. The targeting looks at UK & US citizens only aged 39 with an upcoming birthday.
  3. The performance is summarised in box #3 – over 4,800 actions from just this single Facebook Ad!


For the 1974 campaign, my target audience where those  aged 39, who had an upcoming birthday.

This gave me a reach (audience) of 68,000 people that had an impending birthday and where their year of birth would match that of my t-shirt design. Imagine seeing that pop up in your news feed? Powerful stuff eh.

Ad Spend

The amount you pay per click is super important when it comes to a winning or a losing campaign. If you don’t track your costs they can quickly run away with you and you could get stung.

Most people will attempt to set a really low CPC value thinking they are being smart. The trouble is, Facebook is smarter. Look at it this way;

Facebook want to make money. If you are getting a good CTR on your ads you are likely to be making money and will keep your ads going. This means Facebook make more money, you are making money, everyone is happy.

So here’s what I did.

I set the daily ad spend to $10 and I was paying for website clicks. That is actual clicks over to my TeeSpring campaign URL.

The trick is to let that ad run for 1-2 days and look at your stats. I was hitting a 7.6% click through rate on the 1974 advert. I would suggest anything above 5% is good, but it really all boils down to clicks to website and sales.

This is why we use the number of sales over the total ad spend to decide if we will come out profitable or not. If we have a successful campaign on our hands, we simply up the ad spend to attempt to get in front of all 68k people of our potential reach.

It really does become a numbers game after spending just $10-$20 to test.

Ad Improvements

As you can see, there was still massive room for improvement where the ad was concerned. I could have targeted males only as they are more likely to by this design of Tee in the black color.

I could have also limited the audience a little more, however at a reach of 68,000 I was fairly comfortable I have niched down enough.

My ad image went totally against the grain. Studies have shown that faces improve ad CTR, Women’s faces especially. Even something to make the ad stand out like a big red boarder to catch their eye.

It just shows you that if you find the right audience you can really make a nice profit without spending too much time setting up, testing and tweaking.

Ad Results & Costs

The image below is taken from my Facebook Ad dashboard and shows the cost of driving traffic to each campaign.

Total Spent on Facebook Ads

As you can see I spent a total of $704.29 across the 3 campaigns. With 2 winners and 1 loser.

The 1954 campaign was not a success and I want to talk about this so that you are going into this with your eyes open and understand that not everything I did was a winner.

First off why I think this campaign failed;

Simply put, the age of my target audience was too old. I was targeting 59 years olds who were approaching their 60th Birthday. I don’t know many 60 years old who are on Facebook, let alone those who buy stuff online.

I actually hit 10 sales of my 30 goal, however it wasn’t going to be a winner and I cut this campaign short on the 5th day. I didn’t do this off the cuff or based on “gut feel”, I use cold hard maths to tell me what I should do.

The next section gives you my exact spreadsheet I used for doing this.

You can see my failed campaign here for reference.


As I mentioned above, tracking your costs is very important. However it is not the only thing you should be tracking. There are other metrics we need to follow to understand what the final outcome of our campaign will be.

Luckily for you I have built a simple spreadsheet that takes all of the guess work out of running a successful TeeSpring campaign.

Let me take you through the important steps of the sheet.

  • Update all of the white cells only after 1-2 days
  • From your sales & Ad spend row 45 will tell you if you will hit target or not based on your current stats
  • The optional section in row 56 tells you the outcome if you request a goal drop with TeeSpring

Essentially if you are not going to hit your sales goal you can request to drop the goal so you do hit a target and make some money, at least to cover your a spend).

The sheet is pretty simple and hopefully you can follow it easy enough.

Sink or Swim – Let the sheet decide

Essentially row 45 will tell you where you will be at the end of the campaign, based on the ACTUALS. This is very important.

As infallible species, we get attached to the idea of making money and will try to see the positive where their perhaps is none.

Using maths and current tend we have a way to let the spreadsheet make our decisions for us. It operates on a IF, THEN, ELSE structure. Basically IF you continue as you are THEN you will be here, or ELSE you can always do this…

Disclaimer – this sheet whilst a useful tool to help make informed decisions, is in no way a complete solution. I am in no way responsible for your use of the sheet or for any decisions you may make based on it’s output.

My Successful Campaigns

Here is a shot of the two successful campaigns that I ran. I learnt a lot and you may think I was lucky, however I don’t rely on luck.

A good few hours of research went into the campaigns beforehand, studying previous successes, current campaigns, Facebook pages and ad styles.

Still, there is something to be said about just getting started. Be sure to check out my strategy tips for moving forward with your own campaign below.

Number of Tees Sold

Here is a shot of the email from TeeSpring confirming my payout request (which by the way you have to do manually, I sat there for a week expecting them to pay me!)

TeeSpring Payout Request Email

Use THIS LINK to earn an additional $1 per tshirt sold!

My Strategy Moving Forward

  1. Limit campaign length to 7 days – the sales hot up when a campaign is close to the end, kind of like Ebay selling where you get a flurry of activity near the auction end time.
  2. Target states/locations, ages, names, fans – Think outside the box. Who is passionate enough to buy a Tee? Dog lovers, gun owners, patriotic football fans?
  3. Offer Hoodies and Women’s tees – you have the option in TeeSpring before you launch to have various styles of your design.

You can choose from the following;

  • Long Sleeve Tee
  • Tank Top
  • Hoodie
  • V-neck Tee
  • Women’s Tee
  • Athletic Tee


What’s great with this is that ANY sales you make count towards your overall sales goal. Moving forward I will be testing using a selection of the above along with different color options.

Please note – you can have a maximum of 4 variations on your campaign, including style and color. You also have to email your color options to TeeSpring once your campaign has launched in order for them to update the details. This has now changed an you can choose your options before launching your campaign which makes it even easier for you to manage!

  1. Build a large Fan page based on a passion and promote to them
  2. Use to show you current successful campaigns to get some ideas
  3. Use to sort successful campaigns by sales numbers or search for the most profitable. You can even search niches.

In Summary

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Use the Tools (TeeSpring & TeeView)
  3. Set a Reasonable Sales Target and Sale Price
  4. Use the Spreadsheet to Make Decisions
  5. Continue, Cancel or Pivot

Are you going to give your own TeeSpring campaign it a shot? I would love to help you out and hear your results. If you want to earn an additional $1 per tshirt sold, use this link.

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  • Jake

    Very creative. Well done.

    • Lewis

      Thanks Jake :)

  • Miroslav

    Hey Lewis,

    another awesome posts. I just love when I receive an email from you because I know I’m about to read QUALITY stuff.

    P.S. That spreadsheet is awesome! It’s hard not to give Tee Spring a try after reading this.

    • Lewis

      Thanks Man, glad your liking the content! Let me know how you get on with the spreadsheet. It’s not a complete answer but it certainly helps!

  • thomas

    Thanks, I’m selling with spreadshirt now, what’s your take on them? I will sign up for this today, actually, I’m trying to grow my tennis membership site, any advice on that, keep up the good work too.

    • Lewis

      Hey Thomas,

      I’ve only tried TeeSpring so can’t comment on any others. It’s good to know there are others out there tho!

      If you start a thread in the forum and I can answer your Tennis membership site questions directly.

  • Kent Chow

    Lewis, that’s very encouraging. I was learning about this TeeSpring affiliate business, but didn’t have chance to “execute”.

    This sounds a scalable business. I know some folks making hundreds or even thousands a day.

    Thanks for the detailed info and sharing!

    • Lewis

      No probs Kent, hopefully you can now get started. Just niche it down and use the sheet for guidance!

  • Raweewan


    This is a good idea to try something new. I’ll try it myself in the near future. Anyway after I share to download your spreadsheet. This post doesn’t show me any spreadsheet to download. But your post is really useful.


    • Lewis

      I will send you the sheet via email :)

      • Brice

        could you email me the spreadsheet too? please : )

        • Lewis

          Sure no problem, you can find it here

  • Tung Tran

    Haha Teespring is on fire right now! That was also the reason why I abandoned my blog for over months. Nice article man!

    • Lewis

      Haha Yeah it’s pretty hot right now, glad you got involved. Are you still working on it?

      • Tung Tran

        I stopped a for a while after churning out over 300 campaigns in March.

        • Lewis

          Wow 300 campaigns is A LOT! What % of those were successful?

          • Tung Tran

            90% :D

          • Lewis

            Sweet man, you should post that up on your blog…it’s been neglected!

          • Stuart Walker

            Yeah get back blogging Tung. Checked in a few times and saw no new posts.

            Definitely would love to see a case study on your TeeSpring success.

            I’ve been hearing so much about TeeSpring for months and I thought maybe it had died down by now but seems it’s alive and well.

            Great post Lewis, makes me want to go try TeeSpring myself to see what I can come up with but I really shouldn’t far too much other stuff to do.

          • Lewis

            Haha yeah it’s a tough call, doesn’t really take too much time once you have a design and a target audience but it does play on your mind constantly! I will be picking it back up again once I free up a bit of time!

  • greatKittyWave

    Geez Lewis, who would of thought of such a simple idea could turn a profit? The little mice in my head are now in turbo mode, spinning the wheel of ideas, splattering the zany ideas upon my Trello board. Lets see if I can come up with a more profitable facebook ad idea!

    • Lewis

      Haha yep I was there too! Lots of ideas but it comes back to what has proven to work and putting your own twist on it ;)

  • Rahat Bashar

    Focusing on users with a certain age is genius Lewis.

    After reading this post, I would have tested out this case study but now I think, due to this post, I’ll have too many competitors.

    • Lewis

      Lol sorry Rahat, there are SOOO many ways you can spin this tho and there are over 1 billion people on Facebook….thats a big playing field!

  • Kate

    I love this case study! I did hear recently about people making money through Tee Spring but never bothered to delve any deeper into how they done it. I’m tempted to give it a go, thank Lewis!

    • Lewis

      You definitely should Kate, it only takes $20 of so to realise if you have a potential winning campaign or not. Then it’s all about stopping or scaling up the Ad spend!

  • Chris

    Hi Lewis,
    this is such a great idea, I hadn’t heard of this at all. Going to do some research in the coming days and come up with some design ideas. Just seems like a very easily scaled and repeated system.

    • Lewis

      Hi Mate, yeah there is a lot of potential in this method and pretty much only limited to your imagination!

  • Jerry

    I like your blog because you give useful information and most importantly, we are doing the same thing, LOL. The only different is you did SEO and PBN way early than me, as I just started 4 weeks ago. As for TeeSpring, I started about a year ago and had many successful campaign, it is indeed very profitable if you do it right.

    Personal opinion, beside all the marketing tactics, design plays very important role in TeeSpring. You need to be able to link a good design with the “hottest” or “related” topic and present it to your audience in order to get the sales.

    In term of making money, as for this moment, I think TeeSpring is way easier than building niche site and SEO, maybe that’s because i’m still at the early stage of niche site and SEO.

    • Lewis

      Hi Jerry, great tips and as I shown with my design, that was not the “hottest” topic but it related to my audience!

      Anymore tips you can share with the audience?

  • Yisroel Reiss

    Yo! I am going to try this tonight and will let you know the results. This post above could totally have been a WSO!

    • Lewis

      HAHA WSO indeed, only this one is free :) Good luck let me know how you get on!

  • mike

    Hi, thanks for this awesome report!

    I have a question tough…

    What happens if you set the target of 30 pieces and you reach that target, but the orders go to let’s say 1000 pieces.

    Do you get payed for all those 1000 units sales?

    • Lewis

      Yeah absolutely Mike, you get paid for every sale you make above and beyond your target!

  • Marc

    Very interesting case study Lewis. I’ve read about a number of people making a lot of money with t-shirt sales on Facebook, so it’s interesting to see all the details in this case study.

    • Lewis

      No worries Marc, I’ve seen some great fan Pages with loads of fans and they are making a killing with Tee designs!

  • Rishit Shah

    Good one man! I never heard about teespring. Its another good business model and can be used otherwise than for Facebook too for making good amount of money! :)

    • Lewis

      Indeed it can man, you should take a look and see what you can do!

  • Harshajyoti Das

    That’s a brilliant campaign. Thank you so much for sharing it with your audience Lewis.

    • Lewis

      No problem man, thanks for your kind comments!

  • Jerry

    Awesome post Lewis!

    I love case studies. Thanks for being open about your success. A lot of marketers would just bundle this up and sell the info for a profit.

    One of the reasons I continue to read your blog. Thanks for keeping it real.

    • Lewis

      Thanks for the kind words Jerry, I know what you mean most of the stuff I do you can usually find for $7, $17 or $27 in some WSO!

  • Jeff

    this is an awesome idea lewis and thanks for such a detailed post! I’m going to have to give this a try.

    • Lewis

      Good luck Jeff, would be great to hear your progress on this!

  • http:/ Miki Vicioso

    Nice posts! :) always intriguing the different ways we marketers find to make money online :)

    • Lewis

      Indeed Miki we are always open to new challenges!!

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  • Joe

    Thanks for sharing this and the spreadsheet.

    I’ve got two ads up on Facebook now so will see what happens.

    Will try and think up some other ideas for t-shirts as well as the age-related ones.

    Have you ever heard of any copyright or trademark issues coming up? I’m not thinking of ripping of a brand, but sometimes slogans like “made in 19XX aged to perfection” (not necessarily that one) are owned by someone already?

    Thanks and good luck everyone!

    • Lewis

      I did try to see if the slogan was taken and don’t think it was. I would avoid it where possible “just in case” but there are so many variations that you can just switch a word in the slogan and that will be unique :)

      • Joe

        Thanks, that makes sense.

  • Kate

    Are you able to see where most the sales came from? Interested to see if there were more from the United States than UK.

    I’ve just set up one targeting just the UK but am wondering if the extra shipping costs will put UK people off. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

    • Lewis

      Hi Kate, to be honest its’ not something I looked at but would be good to understand moving forward. You can use the Facebook tracking pixel on TeeSpring, althought not sure what that tells you?

      Yeah I had the same thoughts r.e shipping price, perhaps US will be better if the UK audience doesn’t work out?

  • Mark Anthony

    great sir Lewis.

  • merinna

    Hello I just started tee spring a couple days ago and I just wanted to know what way is the best, fastest, and most successful way to promote ? Right now I have people sharing and liking my Facebook page which I put my links to my campaigns and I also have talked about it on Craigslist, Facebook groups in comments and have so far its not looking good. If someone could email me and help me out a bit that would be so great. I am just trying to make a little extra cash for my baby on the way.

    • Lewis

      Hey Merinna,

      The best way is to spend a little upfront ($10-$20) on Facebook Ads, to test your campaign. Just 2 days at $10 per day will tell you if your campaign will be successful of not and if your targeting the right people. If you don’t have any money to test with upfront, perhaps a different mehod is better for you.

      I cannot see your current tactics working unless you have a design that appeals to a very specifc audience and you find where they hang out online and promote there.

  • Sarfraz

    Hi, your post is nice, but I did not got link to download spread sheet

    • Lewis

      Hey, sorry about that, the plugiin sometimes doesn’t work. I will send it via email later today.

      – Lewis :)

  • Jay

    I’m currently trying this out with a design of my very own. Instead of going with age related shirts, I went with political shirts.

    I had to go with right column advertisements, because the news feed ads were like 6 dollars a pop or something.

    I’m getting 3 clicks per 2000 impressions or something like that. Real crappy CTR. Why are you scoring 7.5% on your first go?

    How’d you manage to get to 25 cent clicks for news feed ads?

    • Lewis

      To be honest Jay, I am not sure how/why. I put it down to using a specific fan page that was targeting these users and that the FB Ads got some good interaction.

      I was actually getting as low as $0.16 CPC, I presume it’s down to the target audience?

      • Jay

        My next move will be targeting a specific fan page as well.

        Something tells me that’s the missing ingredient!

        Thanks mate.

      • Miroslav

        Hey Lewis,

        I am currently running my first semi-serious campaign. I have two different ads and one is pretty active, with lots of Likes and Shares. The CPC for that one is $0.29, which OK but I only get 1 website click per 10 clicks. Other clicks are likes etc.

        On the other ad I chose Online Spenders (behavior) and I got three clicks direct to the website, without likes etc. But those cost around $0.59 each.

        The strange thing is that I shared this ad on a relevant Facebook Fan Page I have with more than 3000 fans and got 2 sales in a matter of minutes from it. This is before I started my paid campaign. So I guess I am bit disappointed that I didn’t get any sales from paid campaigns yet. But I made sure to boost my Facebook Fan Page Post to reach other fans as well.

        Any advice (from anyone) would be appreciated!

        • Lewis

          Sounds like you made a great start, it’s hard without seeing who/what you are targeting but I did also consider the “online spenders” target feature however it did push up the CPC quite dramatically for another campaign I had running.

          I would split test the ads and try a different image, add the price, bold border, sexy woman…that sort of thing gets people attention!

          • Miroslav

            Thanks Lewis.

            It seems that one person bought those two shirts at the start and that was it. I spent around $20 and haven’t made a single sale, so I paused that campaign. I guess there was a problem with design.

            In the meanwhile I created a new campaign to test out. Facebook DOES allow custom audience (I just uploaded mine), but it seems they don’t allow targeting age, names and surnames. Other type of targeting should be fine!

          • Lewis

            Well you can try to target a list of people along with your TeeSpring ad but I am certain they will reject the ad. I and a few others have tried and failed.

          • Miroslav

            But I just did and it got approved in a matter of minutes. There are around 10,000 UID’s in my list.

          • Lewis

            Fair enough thats great! Let us know how you get on, I suspect the ad will be much more targeted and you will hopefully be successful..!

          • Jay

            How do you target a specific page to advertise to?

            Do you need to be the owner of said page, or can you advertise to any page you like?

          • Lewis

            You can type the page name into the custom audience field, however not all pages will appear, I have found it to be hit and miss.

  • Tuan Phan

    Brilliant article :). Really love it.

    I am trying myself with Teespring. Failed though. Maybe I have to work harder on the design.

    The thing is, how to choose the design. I understand it has to kick a certain trend, but as I do not live in the US, it’s hard for me to know. Is there any advice from you on how to research the trend and the design that will sell?

    Thanks a ton.

    • Lewis

      Hey, I live in the UK so I am in the same boat as you! I didn’t go with a trend to be honest, I think there it too much competition. I think about what people may celebrate or something they are proud of and cater to those people.

      Hope that helps.

    • Joe

      It would be great if there was a UK version of TeeSpring.

      However, this site can give you some ideas of what is popular:

      Then maybe adapt a popular topic?

      I’ve not hit gold yet but am still trying to think of an idea.

      Its tough because you have to get the logo first, then test the ads. If it doesn’t work out you’ve got a useless logo.

      But if it pays off, I guess it will be worth it.


      • Lewis

        Yeah I actually linked to TeeView in my article :)

        I think once you have a designed who can knock out a design in quick time then that is half of the battle. The other half is the idea/topic selection.

        • Joe

          I’ve found a pretty good designer so I guess I am halfway there ;-)

          • Lewis

            Awesome man, good luck..!

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  • Charlie

    Hey Lewis:

    Thanks for sharing this post! Loved the breakdown and advice.

    Two questions if you don’t mind:

    1. Is there an EPC metric on teespring? Comparing your EPC with CPC is an objective way to see if you should continue running your campaign or not, yes?

    2. Your widget? Plugin? to Share/ Tweet/ G+ etc. to “get the download link” is COOOOOOOL! Where did you get it?

    Thanks again for sharing this,

    • Lewis

      I don’t think there is a metric for TeeSpring, however you can use the facebook tracking pixel to get an idea of your EPC.

      That is the OnePress Socal locker and it works very well…!

  • Buddy

    Very creative! Sounds scaleable. So I’m very interested in why did you stop and share if it’s very good money? Am I overlooking something?

    • Lewis

      Time constraints…plus thats what this blog is about, sharing whats working right now! I still have a couple of campaigns going so I’ve not stopped completely!

  • Stresshead

    Gave this a shot, shamelessly copying what you did, and it was a disaster, not a single sale. Not sure why that is, but I’m going to try a new design now and see if I get a better result. Great tutorial Lewis, just a shame it didn’t work on the first try :-(

    • Lewis

      Thats a shame mate, what was your CPC on those Ad’s?

      • Stresshead

        I left it on auto Lewis, and they ended up being $1.18.

        • Lewis

          Wow thats crazy! I can only assume that Facebook are clamping down as more and more people get involved with TeeSpring?

      • Stresshead

        Started a new campaign this morning, and it’s costing $0.14 per click at the moment, and I have no idea why there is such a difference. Both set to auto, same ages, only difference is can see is I’ve only targeted the USA, instead of USA and UK this time.

        • Lewis

          Humm thats interesting, I also know that it is impacted by the engagement so if some one clicks early then it s agood sig of FB and can make a huge difference to the future CPC

          • Stresshead

            Yeah, you’re right, I’ve had 1 click and the reach is 1600, CPC is now $2.87, so I’ve stopped the campaign.

          • Lewis

            Ouch thats crazy! Why is your reach so low?

          • Stresshead

            I don’t know to be honest. This is my first play with FB ads. This is what my targeting says………

            Potential Audience for this ad: 34,000 people
            Location: United States
            Age: 39
            Gender: male
            Life Event: Upcoming birthday
            on News Feed and right column on desktop computers

            These are the current stats (the campaign isn’t running now)

            1 Website Click
            $3.01 Per Website Click
            Reach 1,713
            Frequency 5.31
            CTR 0.011%

          • Lewis

            I avoid the right hand column, I just use the newsfeed as I don’t think the right column works very well. It may for others but I couldn’t get it to work for this type of stuff.

            Looks like you are running something very similar to my campaign, I am guessing many others will be doing so and the competition for that audience will be big so try to think more outside of the box and go after a different audience.

  • Tarun

    Hello Lewis,

    Am yet to start a campaign and have few questions for you below,

    1) I heard facebook is not accepting teespring URL’s any more, is it true ? If yes, could you let me know how do we promote teespring URL on FB ?

    2) Teespring pays me only when the goal is reached to sell all t-shirts ?

    3) The amount will be credited to my account, only after the t-shirts are delivered to customers ? ( After 14 days ? )

    • Lewis


      1 – I am not aware that of that, I know others are still promoting TeeSpring via FB
      2 – As above, you cannot use a custom audience anymore but you can still direct your traffic to TeeSpring
      3 – I think the funds were available pretty quickly after the campaign finished. I just didn’t realise that they don’t send you an email and you have to request payment via your account


      • Tarun

        Thank you very much lewis :)

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  • Kamal

    Hello Lewis,

    I got inspired from your post and launched a campaign today.Here is the url

    Following you age blueprint,hoping for more profitable campaign :-)
    First day I am going evaluate CPM method(Facebook ad campaign).What you think isn’t it more profitable than website clicks.

    • Lewis

      I didn’t try the CPM method as I had read that is wasn’t as profitabe, so just be careful with that and keep a close eye on your ad spend.

      Good luck!

      • Kamal

        Thanks Lewis !
        Shortly I’ll post updates of my campaign

  • Tom

    Awesome guide. I have tweeted your stuff, but could not download the spreadsheet.

    • Lewis

      Hey Tom, try this – LINK

      • Tom

        thanks for the link

        , did you sign up for a tee cash kit?

        so you have lost on the first campaign that is why you cut it out?

        • Lewis

          I’ve not spent much time on this since to be honest, my other businesses are takig up all of my time!

          How is you campaign going?

  • Mark

    Hi Lewis and to all,

    First of all Thank you Lewis for allowing me to post this comment.
    I am Mark Anthony a graphic designer. I did those TeeSpring designs for Lewis and I’m very proud of them :)
    If anyone want some designs for your teespring shirts, add me on Skype : allthethingsaredone.
    or Email me at : Have a nice day to you all.


    • Lewis

      Hey Mark,

      No problem at all, hope you can get together with some people and both make some money with TeeSpring!

  • http://none chuck

    I’m curious what you think a good return per ad dollar spent on a teespring campaign is.. Like if I spend $100 dollars on a facebook boost, what do you think is a good ROI?

    • Lewis

      I guess in it’s simplest form if you spend $100 and can earn $101 then thats great and better than most people will do. From there it becomes a game of tweaking your ad to lower CPC and improving conversions with your Tee Campaign description and price.

  • Alex Fortin

    Hi Lewis

    Great Case Study and I really enjoy your blog! keep up the great work!

    • Lewis

      Thanks Alex, appreciate it!

  • Mike

    Hey man great insight into your Teespring ups and downs. I have a lot of experience with Photoshop, graphics, and copy and am thinking of giving this a try. Spending some time studying the successes, and failures at the moment.

    Anyways I noticed you mention the spreadsheet you use, but I didn’t see it available for download. Did I miss something?

    Thanks again!

    • Lewis

      Sound like you have the skills to make this work Mike, looking at previous campaigns can teach you a lot about what to do and what not to do!

      The sheet is behind the social share locker, if you could share the article you will get the download link. THanks for your support man!

  • Jerry

    Does FB still allow you to promote directly to your teespring product page?

    • Lewis

      Hi Jerry – I’ve not used this method for a month or so now, perhaps just try to set up an ad and use someone elses campaign URL and see what happens?

  • aashish

    That was a really nice presentation for the newbie like me. As i was looking some information regarding Teespring ending up to your post. But i don’t think you used UID’s custom audiences Didn’t u ? May be bz your t-shirt was a targeted typo one who born on that year. Thanks a lot, i will try it :)

    • Lewis

      I just used the FB targeting, didn’t use a custom audience

  • Avinash

    Hi Lewis,

    How did you manage to get people with upcoming birthday in the category section.

    Now in the FB Ads, Interests section, How can we achieve this?

    and a little confusion with age factor 2014-1974=40 completed and 41 running, but you were targeting 39.

    • Lewis

      Hi, I was targeting people with an upcoming birthday – meaning they will be 40 within the next week. I no longer run this campaign as people have jumped onto this, I would suggest coming up with your own angle and attacking that.

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  • http://N/A Gareth

    Hi Lewis,

    I read this article earlier this year and it really lit something inside. I decided to give this a go (utilising an graphic designer we have in work). I took what I thought were the best elements of what you did and have (I hope) created some really unique designs that I’ll be targeting towards some good niches next week.

    I’d love to compare how well the campaigns do – I am going to be really hustling on my designs, not only using targetted ads but utilising forums, individual and group messaging on FB, instagram tags and lots more. Hopefully I’ll get some good results.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for getting me involved in all this!

    • Lewis

      Hi Gareth, sounds like you are making some great progress, I would love for you to update me on how it all goes.

      Good luck!