Mining For Expired Domain Names to Build Blog Network or Niche Sites

In this, the very first video on Cloud Income, I show how to find expired domains using ExpiredDomains.net (free), and reveal 3 domains I recently picked up using this very technique.

Using this process, I have managed to find some nice domains to build into niche sites and/or PBN sites.

Tools Used


You can also checkout my Private Blog Network Guide for more information on how to use these expired domains to link to your niche sites.

Let me know what you think about my first video guys!

Also if there is a topic you would like to see a video on, let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.

– Lewis ๐Ÿ™‚

Lewis Ogden

Lewis was able to take his hobby of building websites and turn it into a blueprint that enables him to build, rank and profit from niche websites. As a result of his niche site success, he now makes a full-time 5-figure income and even managed to quit his 9-5 job back in early 2015 all driven by his knowledge that he shares here on this blog.

Black and White Boy - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis, Great 1st video mate, enjoyed it very informative and some handy tips. I also use LTP, and it interesting to your thought process regarding how the site might rank based on Spencer’s Algo…

If you then develop a niche affiliate site, how would you build that out…vintage wedding cars would seem quite limited for content I would have thought? so how many pages would you theoretically build out in order to consider it an authoritative site?

Look forward to more vids as good as this…subscribed also ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey thanks for your feedback, the first one is always…er..fun!

    I would have to get creative on the Vintage Wedding Cars, I could write about the actual cars, styles and features. Perhaps celebs who have had vintage cars? There is always some angle you can use to generate content.

    I would build the site out to a minimum viable site and let it sit for a couple of weeks to see how it takes in Google. Sometimes with EMD’s you can get to page 2/3 without doing anything.

    Then I would start to link build and add content if it showed promise.

    Cool cheers man ๐Ÿ™‚

Angel Dimitrov - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

thank you for the great post again! I’ve been actually using expireddomains.net for a while, found some good domains!

I have a question – seems like when searching for deleted domains just as you do I don’t see the SDA, SPA and SMR metrics (I’m logged in). Do you know why is that?

Here is a screenshot of the results page I see, it might be of help: http://i.imgur.com/hSfa1qY.png

Cheers mate,

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey mate, yeah if you click on “Show Filter” then next to the “Apply Filter” button you will see – ” Note: You can customize the colums of the domain tables”

    Just click this and look for the Moz metrics in the right hand table (SDA, SPA & SMR).

Rich - 3 years ago

I noticed in your video the version of ED.net you’re using is different than mine. I know that may sound strange, but the version that I am accessing doesn’t have the MOZ page and domain authority option. I went into the additional filters section and looked around. I found the option to use the MOZ filters for page and domain authority, but when I clicked on my minimum requirements, it doesn’t appear on the results page.

Any thoughts as to why?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Rush – yep same as Angel;

    click on โ€œShow Filterโ€ then next to the โ€œApply Filterโ€ button you will see โ€“ โ€ Note: You can customize the colums of the domain tablesโ€

    Just click this and look for the Moz metrics in the right hand table (SDA, SPA & SMR).

Stew @ NinjaGorilla - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis. Good first vid!

I had a look a few months back at buying expired domains to re-use as niche sites. I bought a few but had problems ranking them.

Have you been able to rank expired domains straight away? I have read that they are often “sandboxed” following re-registration.

Ideas for next video – how about a live SERP keyword analysis vid. Not using Long Tail Pro, just looking at the SERP results.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I’ve had mixed results tbh but it does depend on the backlinks. If you stay away from anything that looks like its been spammed you should be ok.

    Yeah I bought a domain 2 months ago in the Payment protection Insurance Niche and it ranked #6 in Google within 2 weeks.

    Stew thats a great idea for a video, I will get on to it. Thanks a ton man

    – Lewis

Tryggvi - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for the video, has some nice info that I can use and you blog is awesome! Keep up the good work.

I have heard that buying deleted domains loose some of their powers compared to domains that you pick up from auctions before they get deleted. So if you are building a blog network picking up non-deleted domains would be better.

Is there a certain time you need to pick them up after they get dropped or is the whole thing a myth?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I have had some great results using expired domains in a blog network. There is a lot of rubbish talked on forums etc. What I would suggest is picking afew up and test. It won”t cost a lot and you then know first hand.

    Some keywords may only need 5-10 PBN sites.

    As long as the links to your domain are not deleted then there is no reason for it to lose ‘power’

Casey Dennison - 3 years ago

Great video, Lewis! I was just using this method to look for domains the other night. It does take a bit of time to find some gems, but it does work pretty well.

Anyways, thanks for sharing this.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    No worries Casey thanks for checking it out!

    Once you get used to scanning and the filters you can find some good domains

Lee - 3 years ago

Great blog mate,

Been looking thought you posts about PBN and I think I am going to try and set my own one up. I have a question if you donโ€™t mind.

I have found 10 domains (all expired) that are all in my niche they all seem to be like below some have more links.
DA 28 PA40 Links RD 65 Total Links 78

Also having a look at the link profiles they look clean and coming from related sites.
Hereโ€™s the question โ€“ when I look at their link profile some show less links if you add www. Some have more

Have you ever seen this and if so what do you do about it?

The main reason I ask is that some cheap hosting (shared) you canโ€™t have the www. Like hostgator

My plan is to really look what the best 5 of the 10 are and buy these see were my site ends up and then buy more if needed. I am hoping it will shoot me right up the keyword(s) are not that competitive.

Sorry about the long winded post


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi lee – Yeah it depend if the linking site used the “www” in the outboud link of not. I don’t worrk about it as if you use www. or not one will redirect to the other anyway presuming you use wordpress) if not you can redirect the “www”to the non and visa versa in your .htaccess file.

    Not sure about hostgator not allowing www, are you sure? You should check that out as it’s can’t be right mate.

    – Lewis

Lee - 3 years ago

Hi Mate,

The www. doesn’t display in the address bar for add on domains.

I will let you know how I get on with the PBN


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Lee – try adding the domain and installing WP. Then go to settings –> generaL, Where you can specify which your site uses (www or not). ๐Ÿ™‚

Robert Kirk - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis

Just watched this video while having a cuppa. ๐Ÿ™‚ really enjoyed it – keep the videos coming!

A bit like Matthew Woodward, your very easy to listen to and very clean and concise which makes a huge difference when watching videos like this!

If you found a domain name which had a really strong DA, and PA but in opensiteexplorer hardly any links where showing, would you just skip that domain?

p.s how do i register for doing comments on your blog so image etc would come up, with other blogs i register on their sites?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey man thanks for the comment – bit nervous with the first vid but planning many more soon. Just need to get them looking more professional now!

    Yeah I would check with Ahrefs and majesticSEO too but if they didn’t have any links I would move on.

    Your talking about an Avatar – register here gravatar.com and when you use your email address in the comments it will pull your image ๐Ÿ™‚

      Robert Kirk - 3 years ago

      Hey Lewis, thanks I have went and signed up for a gravatar – lets see if it works ๐Ÿ™‚

      Fiverr has lots of good gigs by the way if your wanting video logo effects, ive had some done.

      Thanks ill go over again some of the domain names ive purchased and also some im watching, got a good one yesterday which will suit my niche perfect, using expireddomains after watching your video

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Awesome glad the video helped! Yeh I have just had a simple video into done on fiverr so will have that uploaded to the video soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Jorge Luis - 3 years ago

Awesome first video tutorial Lewis!!

I mean, your written post for using expiredomains.net was great, don’t get me wrong, but is always awesome to see a “live demo” in action.

One question my friend: Have you found other domains rather than “.com” “.net” or “.org” to be JUST AS GOOD when creating your PBN??

In other words, would you use sites like “.info” or “.us” or “.biz” if the have great PA metrics and backlink profile??


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey Jorge – Yeah if the domain metrics are good enough then I will include them. You can also use expired/deleted web 2.0 sites to build a PBN too. Something i will write about soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Jorge Luis - 3 years ago

      Thank you Lewis! Looking forward for that upcoming post.

      Man… Do you have any plans in the future to open either a private paid membership or start an internship (where you get new PBN sites done for you, quality content, affiliate commissions and the intern gets the experience of been part of it from the beginning)??

      ‘Coz I would love to be part of that!

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Jorge – I actually have somethig starting very soo along those lines. I am already in contact with the person I will be working with, however if all goes well there will be another a in the new year.

        You will still be able to follow along with this though ๐Ÿ™‚

Koushik - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Very informative article. Do you go for ecommerce/business websites and use them in your PBN’s? I see good DA/PA and backlink profiles for these kind of websites …If you use them into your PBN, is it okay to convert them as blogging sites?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi yeah the legitimate businesses ususally have very good profiles. If you can maintain the original theme/topic then there is no reason why you can’t turn it into a blog type site, although you can also have a static HTML site like many companies do and still add OBL’s to your money site ๐Ÿ™‚

Lee - 3 years ago

Hi Mate,

I have not yet had a look at WordPress to add the www. I have been run off my feet I will get round to looking.

Just got my first domain name for the PBN, getting the articles done for $0.004 per word (I have used this person before they are pretty good)

I am going to be buying the 10 domains over the next couple of weeks (don’t want to buy them all on the same day incase this leaves a footprint)

You say you use GSA do you use the GSA Captcha? I have never used this software do you have any tips? How often do you backlink the PBN sites? is this a must do step?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Lee – I am actually changing tactic and not building links to the sites, this is a test but I think adding ‘less than quality’ links will actually devalue the PBN site you have bought/created.

    So I would say no, save your money and see how you rank using the domains as they are. Awesome job on the content writer, thats a great price if the quality is there.

    – Lewis

Vukasin - 3 years ago

This is a great video Lewis, I really like it. Good Job.

I will definitely add this post in my weekly link roundup of all epic posts this Friday.

I will let you know via Twitter when it gets published!

Thank you for the tips!

Lee - 3 years ago

Hi Mate,

First site is up and ready just scheduled the first 10 posts the posts with my links will go live after Xmas

Would you spread buying the domain names out over a couple of days/weeks?

You had me thinking about not backlinking how could I build quality links to the PBN?

Guest posting using this

I see you say something above about expired/deleted Web 2.0 these could be potential brilliant for backlinking the PBN


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Sounds good mate – as long as you are mixing registrars and hosting providers then I wouldn’t worry too much to be honest. You can leave a few days but dont get too hung up on it.

    Yeah I would keep the backlinks higher quality so not to devalue the domain. I am experimenting with different things at the moment but expired web 2.0’s is something I have been using to good effect.


      Dan - 3 years ago

      Lewis, what are web 2.0’s? How do you find expired ones? Any particular kewyord?

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Web 2.0 are the free blogging accounts you can get. Basically when one gets cancelled by the user or it expires due to inactivity, some of these accounts are available to register.

        I am considering doing a guide to finding and setting up a web 2.0 PBN, for now head over to the black hat forums, they have a lot of stuff on there already.

Mick - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis

Great video thanks for your time and effort doing these.
Was wondering if you have ever brought an expired domain that maybe had nothing to do with the niche you are going into but had good DA and Pa then did a 301 redirect to a new domain that was better suited to your intended niche ?



    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Mick, thanks for your comment. I have done this and still do from time to time, however I have a feeling this method may not last, perhaps Google will devalue thee 301’s somehow, I don’t know I am merely speculating here.

    Until I see negtive/zero effects I will continue to do this, however I now try and make sure the domain is in the same niche or I can relate it in some way. If you have a domain you are thinking of doing this with, perhaps you could use it as part of a PBN?

      Mick - 3 years ago

      Hi Lewis thanks for the speedy reply!

      Yes I have thought about it and will do some testing to one of my sites that got knocked off the 1 spot and several other top ten rankings on the penguin 2.1 update. There has just been a PR update does the PA and DA by MOZ get updated in the same way?

      Many Thanks


        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Yeah Moz is similar – last updated November 26, 2013; next index update: December 24, 2013

        I don’t pay any particular attention to the PR to be honest, just PA, DA and the backlinks to the domain

Jason - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis, great to see another post on building your private blog network. I have a question for you. Do you buy auction or expired domains? Or both. For expired/dropped domains, what do you do if you come across a site with a good link profile (no spammy links) but archive.org shows that it’s been used by a spammer? Would you still buy it?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey man, I buy both to be honest and I want all of my prechecks to come out clean. So if Archive.org shows that site was spammy then I stay away from it.

    Chances are it’s been flagged as being in a bad neighbourhood by Google and I don’t want to touch it.

Fred - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for this informative, straight-shooting video.

Been caught up in the hoop-la of using expired domaains to rank sites, but there is a ton of info, sometimes conflicting, out there. Your straight to the point method simplifies the s*#t out of it.

Looking forward to more helpful posts and videos.


Joe - 3 years ago

Great video, nice and to the point.

I’m having the same problem as a couple of other commenters above in that I can’t see the SDA, SPA & SMR in the right hand column when I try to add more columns.

Have they been removed?

    Joe - 3 years ago

    I included a link with that last comment but I see its been removed! It was to a screenshot of the comments I get.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    You are looking for SDA and SPA using the options (SHOW FILTER –> “You can customize the colums of the domain tables”)

    See the image here – http://imgur.com/vIBqVAj

Darren - 3 years ago

Awesome video, I have now read most of your whole website…lol.
A quick question if your purchasing a domain with some age, if on wayback machine it only had say 5 pages you could simply recreate the exact same pages, to not lose any backlinks??

If it has 100 pages I am not about to recreate all the pages…lol.
So my main question is what way can you AUTOMATICALLY redirect the 404 pages to not lose link juice. I seen redirect plugins but they all seem to do it once you log a 404. I want it done automatically. Especially if i get a domain purely for PBN and have no intent on putting original content on it.

Awesome site btw.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Darren thanks for your kind comments!

    Yeah exactly, you can recreate the pages using archive.org data to ensure the backlinks are not dropped. For larger sites then I usually just export the list or URLs with backlinks from Moz or ahrefs and then install this plugin to manage the individual redirects.

    It can take some time but is well worth it.

      Darren - 3 years ago

      I did do a bit of searching and found a couple of other plugins similar. Plus 2 that do the redirect regardless. Plus there is a line of code which you can put on your 404 page to also automatically redirect.

      Keep up the good work I will be following closely…lol

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Yeah I’ve seen you can add code too, although I try not to code if I can help it! lol

          Darren - 3 years ago


          Looking further ahead on creating a PBN, i have got the domain name part of it down, understand the diff hosting etc etc, whois private and not private………………….

          But what does one do about paying for these, even if you make seperate accounts for all these on godaddy or whichever registrar how does one pay for them all. Using same credit card or paypal….wouldnt that be a bit suspect??

          Lewis - 3 years ago

          Suspect to who? GoDaddy or Google? You raise a good question that I have been asked alot. However…..

          Google have no legal reason to request payment information and they will not be granted access it.

          GoDaddy on the other hand, sure they can see you using the same PayPal, but what about web designers and other businesses that register domains on behalf of their clients? They will use the same information too.

          I don’t see the payments side as anything to worry about where Google are concerned.

Adam Finan - 3 years ago

Just landed a DA32 PA 42 for $10 after watching this with 4k backlings for a good keyword dot com domain.
Good man Lewis!

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Nice one Adam, sounds good. Make sure to check the backlinks for anything spammy!

Simon - 3 years ago

@Adam Finan

Based on everything I’ve seen on Expireddomains that domain with 4k links is probably strong on the canned processed meat stuff! Probably the Chinese/Russian variety. Comments galore thrown in for free.

I have done my fair bit of link profile analysis recently and everything I can see on there is rubbish. Perhaps I’m missing a trick, but if only 50 people (and I imagine there are a lot more) are checking this daily, most of what is left there will be rubbish.

So, this is the method, but what you need now is full disclosure on how to really obtain expired domains – this don’t cut the mustard!

Moonsy expired domains seems to be more realistic.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Simon – Agreed, I think what people need to do is go out and find domain brokers of their own if they require a ready supply of domains. With the value of these going up, people are struggling to find quality expired domains anymore. Times are changing and people will have to dig to secure the real gems.

Erik - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Just got notice of your blog last week. I think your one of the best and clearist out there at the moment! Never found a blog so useful about PBN’s yet.

And your video is great too! Very good voice and clear explanations. Keep it going!!

I’m Dutch (as you may notice..) so I’ve a couple of specific question about PBN’s, hope you can help me out.

– I know it’s not ideal to buy .com .net etc.. for the Dutch market. But what’s your advice about this? I found it hard to find good Dutch domains out there.
Imagine i buy a .COM domain with backlinks from US or UK and I would re-brand this domain to a Dutch niche. So I would place Dutch articles on the blog etc. Is this harmful? Will it still pass enough link juice?

Thanks for your answer!

greetz Erik

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey Erik,

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

    As for your question, the domains will still pass juice. The main concern is losing the existing backlinks if the content on the expired domain is in Dutch. I mean if the webmaster of a site who is linking to your PBN domain checks out your site and sees it clearly isn’t the same as the site they initially linked to then you could lose those links.

    However that is always a risk and not one I would let stop me from doing as you say ๐Ÿ™‚

Gabi - a couple of years ago


Excellent video! I enjoy your concise explanations and clear speaking voice, you do make things easy to understand!

I have a few questions…

Firstly, what is a good PA and DA for a potential PBN site? I’m trying out Fresh Drop and I see they have Citation Flow and Trust Flow too. What I’m trying to get my head around is at which point should my interest be piqued by these kinds of metrics for further research? Also, do these metrics matter less when looking for niche domains?

Then I saw a discussion in the comments about registering PBN sites. I’m still not sure what the best route is – one host with C Class IP’s using my own details, or different accounts with various registrars with bogus details, my question really is if it’s the latter – where would I get all those bogus email addresses from if not from the precise places we want to avoid (Google, Yahoo). For the sake of the smallest footprint is it really safe to use these emails? If not, what other options are there since free emails usually require phone verification.


    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    Hi Gabi,

    If you check out DomainHaul.com (which is my own site) you will see the kind of domains that I find and register. I do sell them so don’t feel like you have to buy from me but all of them are spam checked and could save you some time.

    Generally we go for DA >20 and look for TF & CF (Majestic.com) above 10 but as high as possible without having a spammy link profile.

Jas - a couple of years ago

Is there any way to find domain according to niche on expireddomains.net? I am having difficulty on it, I want to get some domains that not necessary to have keyword on the domain. Can you please guide me how can I do it?

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    It is difficult as if they don’t contain keywords then you don’t really know what they were used for in the past unless you look at archive.org – which is unrealistic for all of the domains.

    The next best option is to use a domain broker – I run DomainHaul.com if you want to check it out.

      Jas - a couple of years ago

      Hi Lewis,

      Thank you for your reply. Is there any way can I find domain as per anchor text used in backlink? Like we can check PA/DA, if we could find out domain as per anchor text.

        Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

        I use Ahrefs for that as they have a good anchor text cloud where you can instantly view the anchor text used.

John - last year

Hi Lewis, this video seems to have disappeared since the redesign?

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