Niche Site Making $1000/Month – My Strategy Revealed

Niche Site Making MoneyIn April-13 I created a niche website on a topic I had no prior knowledge of.

4 Months later this site is generating an income of over $1,000, completely passive.

In this post, I reveal my exact strategy I used to build this niche website. No holds barred.

Need Proof?

AdSense Earnings Proof

The earnings from this site in September-13 of £625.78 = $1003.19 (at time of writing)

If you're wondering why it's not in dollars, well I reside in the UK!

Thank you for sharing this guide, it's much appreciated!

Keyword Research

The way I approached keyword research for this site was different to most. I wanted a tried and tested niche that I could build a quality site for, one that I knew would make money.

It's all very well using keyword tools to find the search volume for keywords and getting excited when you see 74k monthly exact searches for the keyword “How to Make French Toast”.

Which is what I did very early on in my SEO career. I proceeded to rank a website at #3 in Google for this very keyword, before discovering that there was no money to be made in this niche. I digress…

What I needed was a PROVEN NICHE, one which another SEO/Internet marketer was ranking well in the SERPs and making money from.

Here's what I did;

I went to Flippa.com

Flippa is my number one source of free information on profitable niches. I mean, what better way to find a niche, than using sites that are being sold with Analytics, PayPal and AdWords income to prove the niche?

Searching for a Niche

My Flippa profile has 3 saved searches I use over and over again;

1 – Saved Search #1

  • Sites that have already sold
  • Over 12 months old
  • Net revenue of over $100.

Flippa Saved Search #1


2 – Saved Search #2

  • Sites at auction
  • Over 12 months old
  • Net revenue of over $100.

Flippa Saved Search #2

3 – Saved Search #3

  • All UK TLD Websites
  • Over 12 months old
  • Net revenue of over $100.

Flippa Saved Search #3

I mentioned in my previous post “buying a website in a competitive niche”, that UK websites quite often go for much less that thier .com counterparts, and it was this saved search that came up with the goods.

Being based in the UK I have a fondness for .uk sites. I can write about topics for a UK audience easier than I can for a US audience, purely because I live here and know the mentality of my visitors.

Niche Selection

Keyword Research

I cannot emphasise enough just how important keyword research is in today's SERP environment. As a matter of fact, this has always been important, however most SEO's just don't get it.

Get this step wrong and you could end up wasting both time and money on a site that has no chance of ranking, or one that will take years to get anywhere near a good return on investment.

For keyword research, my tool of choice is Long Tail Pro (LTP), there is a free version which will do just fine. However I currently have the Platinum version as it also allows quick and easy competition analysis and domain availability checking, more on that below.

The primary function of LTP however, is finding those golden keywords. I'm not going to cover old ground, so if you want to know more about Long Tail Pro you can check out the videos on their site here.

Competition Research

If the competition for your chosen keyword is too high. you will always be facing an uphill battle. What we want is low competition keyword within a financially viable niche. By viable, I mean there must be money changing hands, people advertising, people buying services/software etc.

Long Tail Pro's keyword competition feature helps us to gauge how competitive each keyword is. It does this by applying its own algorithm to the top 10 search results and combines factors such as Age, Back Links, Keyword in Meta Tags, Juice Links etc.

Here is the bumf from their site which explains how they do it;

The Avg. Keyword Competitiveness tells you how authoritative the results are AND how well they actually target your chosen keyword

This highly complex keyword competitiveness formula takes a look at all the results and gives you quickly a number between 0 and 100 for how competitive the results are based on authority and keyword relevancy.

as a general guideline; here is what I have found from my own analysis for keyword competitiveness:

  • 0 to 10 – No competition
  • 10 to 20 – Extremely low competition
  • 20 to 30 – Low competition
  • 30 to 40 – Moderate Competition
  • 40 to 50 – Somewhat High Competition
  • 50 to 60 – Very High Competition
  • 60 to 70 – Extremely High Competition
  • 70 to 100 – Don’t even think about it!

What I Look For

In general I am looking for keywords with competition less than 35, preferably under 30. The lower the better, and as you can see from the example keywords below, within just a 20 minutes I was able to find 3 low competition keywords I could target, all whilst writing this blog post 🙂

Keyword 1

Keyword – Divorce Process
UK Exacts – 4,400
LTP Keyword Competitiveness – 25

LTP - Low Competition KW #1

This first screenshot is taken from the Long Tail Pro keyword results screen, as you can see the Avg KC (Keyword Competitiveness) for the keyword ‘Divorce Process' is just 25 out of 100. The best part about this is that this keyword gets 4,400 UK exact match searches each month AND it has a CPC of £1.71 ($2.73).

LTP - Low Competition KW #1 Top 10

The keyword details page breaks the competition down even further.

I can see the number 1 result is a .gov.uk site, these are very hard to beat in the UK search results and as you can see there are 0 links going to this page. This site is ranking based on the authority of the domain alone.

Scrolling down through the list I can see the reason the competition is on 25/100 is because these pages are not directly targeting this keyword. We have variations such as “Divorce Procedure”, “Divorce Proceedings” etc

With a bit of effort I am pretty confident I could get a site (EMD with prefix or suffix) ranking on page 1 of Google.

Keyword 2

Keyword – Log Cabins For Sale
UK Exacts – 9,900
LTP Keyword Competitiveness – 26

 LTP - Low Competition KW #2

Again the keyword results screen shows the avg KC for the keyword ‘Log Cabins For Sale' is just 26 out of 100, and with 9,900 UK Local Exact Match searches it looks great. However this time its not the CPC that interests me, it's the big ticket item.

I know that a log cabin will cost thousands, if I could create and rank a site for this search term and generate say 20 leads per month….how much do you think a long cabin company would pay you for those leads? £10 each, £50 each, probably much more than that considering they will be making thousands from just one sale.

What if you offered to sell them your site? Do you think you could sell it for $5,000? I think that would be a steal for them!

LTP - Low Competition KW #2 Top 10

The keyword details page has results that I like to see, Ebay, GumTree and 3 sites with ZERO backlinks.

Keyword 3

Keyword – Survival Knife
UK Exacts – 2,400
LTP Keyword Competitiveness – 16

LTP - Low Competition KW #3

The final keyword I found is “Survival Knife”, with a KC of just 16 and local UK Exacts of 2,400 it definitely worth looking at.

I know you may have seen Spencer over at Niche Pursuits build a site around survival knives, however he was targeting the US market and it looks like the UK market might still be wide open 🙂

LTP - Low Competition KW #3 Top 10

Here the keyword details page breaks down the top 10 results in Google. You can see how after Penguin 2.1 we have sites ranking with very little backlinks. A few of the sites appear to be Ecommerce stores which Google seems to love, but we do have 2 YouTube videos ranking in the top 10.

This is a keyword I would definitely look into some more.

Domain Research

Keyword Dump

All of my domain purchases start out this way. I perform a “keyword dump” into an excel sheet, which entails thinking of as many related keywords to the niche as possible.

Keyword Dump

The above snippet shows how I start with a keyword such as “Window Blinds”, then I move onto related terms such as “Wooden Window Blinds”, “Patio Window Blinds”, “Vertical Window Blinds” etc.

Then you have all of the prefix and suffix combinations just in case you can't get an EMD. Below is a list that of those I use often;


  • my
  • just
  • the
  • best


  • HQ
  • review(s)
  • guide
  • online
  • net

Once we have a nice list together in excel we need to find out which domains are available.

Bulk Availability Checker

I use NameCheap.com's bulk checker and simply paste up to 50 keywords from the excel sheet into namecheap, select the TLD's I am looking for (usually .com, .net, .co.uk – I will sometimes include .org & .org.uk, but don't tend to use these much).

Once the results are returned, I simply look through and copy/paste all available domain names into an excel sheet.

What to look for in a Domain Name

You will find that you have favourites from your list, I always do too!

I have a list of questions I mentally go through as I consider which domain name to register.

  1. Which country am I targeting? (I will avoid UK extension if targeting the US market – however I will consider a .com or .net for a UK audience if the .uk is taken)
  2. How long is the domain name? (I try to stay under 20 characters if possible)
  3. Does it contain the keyword?
  4. Has it been registered before? (if it has make sure the site wasn't dodgy and check the link profile as explained in the private blog network guide)


I like to have my domains easily accessible and I have 2 favourites when it comes to domain registrar.

I use both GoDaddy and Fasthosts (for my UK extension domains).

Obviously I spread my blog network sites over multiple domain registrars….but you knew that from reading my guide right 😉

Content Planning & Website Structure

I like to take a logical step to my Content Planning. I need to know I have enough fuel for the fire so to speak.

Without content our sites are worthless, if you have plenty of related topics to write about then go for it. If not, you may need to review your keyword/niche choice.

I actually kill 2 birds with one stone here and plan both the site content and structure using another…you guessed it…Excel spreadsheet

Content Writing

Home Page

I always write the home page myself. I like to have more control over the root of the site, and the homepage is usually where I want my traffic to land.

Here is what I aim for on my homepage;

  • Over 1,500 words
  • A Video where possible (even if it's not my own)
  • At least 2 images (graphs work for certain niches, also screen shots and tables of data etc)
  • 2 or 3 outbound links (OBL) to authority sites (think Wiki, Youtube etc)
  • Inner Page links to relevant content

Here is a very quick and dirty image showing the structure I follow for the homepage of my niche sites;

Niche Site Layout

Inner Pages

I often outsource inner page content to my writer in Kenya. He has a very good grasp of the English Language and knows exactly what I like in my articles. It took a little work when I first hired him, but now he saves me so much time it's untrue.

The price I pay for each article depends on the length. We have negotiated a cost per word of $0.005, so for a 500 word article it costs me just $2.50.

I also use this same writer for my private blog network sites as discussed in my previous post, Building a Private Blog Network – The Right Way. I do this because the outlay for the content and I prefer it to spun content. Using unique hand written content gives me multiple benefits;

  1. The quality of the sites in my private blog network is good and would hopefully pass a manual inspection, as I am providing unique content, thoughts, news and opinions. The inclusion of an email opt-in box in the sidebar is a little bit extra that most p
  2. I can also use this content on my Tier 2 and Tier 3 sites without worrying about Google penalising spun content.
  3. I have a readily available source of content to use in link building SEO test sites that are basically ‘throw away' sites.

Video Production

Video is a relatively new area for me, and I regret not getting involved sooner. I found it was very easy to get my first video produced and published, all with minimal effort if I'm honest!

As my niche site is based loosely around a form of training, it gave me an opportunity to have a series of videos created around the topic. I wanted the video's to be unique and helpful, not just another video copied from YouTube and uploaded to my channel.

To get the ball moving I found a site that had lots of training material for my niche, however it was in an awful format (some kind of weird flash thing). Anyway, I used this content for my videos and ended up creating 5 video's in total.

(I am comfortable using other peoples content in this way, as there will be no repercussions for duplicate content. My info is in video format, which the search engines cannot read 🙂 I wouldn't copy another sites content word for word…ever.)

How to Create Video for your Niche Site

There are 3 steps to creating a niche site video;

1 – Find/create the content that will appear in your video

You can create the content yourself, have your VA write it or take it from an existing source. Whichever way you choose you need some content that will go into a PDF document.

2 – Create a PDF document (or power point presentation) and begin adding the content from point 1

No need to be fancy here. Just create 3 slides;

  • An intro slide – this will have the video title along with your brand/domain name and logo.
  • A closing slide – this will have a call to action to visit your website and a link to the next video if you are planning on producing a series.
  • A content slide – this will be the meat of the video, you can populate this slide exactly how you want it and have your VA populate the others, using your slide as a template.

3 – Export all slides from the PDF document

Once you have your completed document, simply open the file, and go to File –> Save As –> Other Formats, and choose PNG as the file type.

This will export each slide in your document to an individual PNG image file

4 – Open Windows Movie Maker and import the slides

Open Windows Movie Maker and drag in all of the slides from step 3. This will create a video for you.

You can then choose each slide in turn and change the length of time that slide will be shown in the video…Simples 🙂

If you would like a more detailed Step-by-Step post on the creation of niche site videos, please let me know in the comments and I will do so.

My Niche Site SEO Blueprint

I took 4 simple steps to rank this niche site from nothing to top 3 for it's main keywords.

1 – Build a Private Blog Network

Everything you need to know to build a private blog network the RIGHT WAY can be found in my previous article – Building a Private Blog Network  -The Right Way

Please Note – There is a cost to building a private content network. These costs can be kept down by utilising expired domains and cheap $1/month hosting accounts. The costs will rise if you buy at auction.

The biggest expense in a private blog network is time invested and content creation. Outsourcing the content is a great idea if you can afford it. If not you can get busy writing 350+ word articles yourself, keeping them highly relevant to the niche.

What's more, you can use a PBN for more than just 1 money site. For this niche site, the PBN I use point to at least 3 of my money sites, so the cost is split across all 3 domains.

If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments section and I will be sure to reply.

2 – Buy Guest Posts

Believe it or not, you can get some quality links from Fiverr.com, but I can understand why so many people hate on them. The trouble is, those people don't know what they are looking for and they end up buying crappy links.

Try this: Go to Fiverr and type in some of the phrases below;

“Post your content”

“Post your article”

“Niche Relevant Guest Post”

“KEYWORD Guest Post”

Using the search terms above you can get some crazy links from quality sites all for $5. It's insane the amount of people who don't fully understand the value of some of the links they are practically giving away.

3 – Relevant Blog Comments

I still use blog comments, and I do these manually myself.

I ensure they are HIGHLY NICHE RELEVANT, I don't care for the Page Rank, No-Follow or Do-Follow, number of outbound links etc.

I simply get involved in the conversation by writing highly interesting/engaging comments that the webmaster will accept and even reply to. Just remember, keep it relevant, keep it manual and don't spam.

Use your name or psudoname in the name box, don't add your keyword here. It's junk and it's oldskool.

Also don't drop your link inside your comment, just have your URL link using your name as anchor text, you greatly increase your chances of your comment being accepted that way.

4 – Guest Blog Posts

These are niche specific articles I use to reach out to larger more authoritative sites across the industry.

I tackle guest posts in 2 ways.

1 – Write the content myself

2-  Find a very passionate and authoritative figure on a niche forum and pay them to write an article.

Whilst number 1 is both the quickest and cheapest, it's not always easy to write about something you have no knowledge or interest in. Number 2 is harder but can prove quite effective, especially when you find someone who really knows the lingo of the niche.

By creating a personal email to each webmaster who's site I want to get my guest post published on, I've found I had some good success and some quality backlinks as a result.

Backlinks to Avoid

Site wide Blogroll Links – These are a big no-no, if you get a sidebar ‘blogroll' link on a site that uses a blogging platform such as wordpress then you are in for a shock. When your link is placed in the sidebar, each and every page that exists on that site will link back to your money site.

So a site with 1,000 pages….will give you 1,000 backlinks = Avoid.

Web 2.0 with Spun Content – These took a hit with Penguin 2.1 and there is just no reason to go spamming the web with duplicated content on hundreds of sites. I much prefer to build my own blog network and select a few of the more powerful web 2.0 properties and add a unique article to each using my writer and VA to do so.

How I Monetized this Niche Site

Google AdSense

I'm not the biggest fan of AdSense, but it is probably the easiest and quickest way to monetise a website, especially one which is providing information.

My CTR is very good and despite the average CPC in AdWords being just $0.14, it still brings home a nice income of $1,000+ per month.

Amazon Associates

I have had some moderate success with Amazon in the past but it wasn't until the 3rd month I actually implemented it into my site. After I created the videos to provide some ‘training content' for my visitors, I looked at what else was out there and found Amazon had lots of products to promote.

The truth is, Amazon converts well, and I love the fact that whatever my visitor, once clicking on my link, buys, I get paid. Seriously you wouldn't believe some of the things I get a commission for;

Other Amazon Earnings

I am not in the Baby Niche, nor the Automotive Niche, and none of the other niches you can see above. However I get paid no matter what my visitors buy, which is great.


Overall I spent a grand sum of $55 on content, $30 on a logo and $0 on design as the theme was free.

The theme I used can be found here, it's no longer supported but it converts well. Especially if you use a Google AdSense link bar for the navigation bar as you can see in the screenshot below;

AdWords Nav Bar

The above image shows how I use the Google AdSense link bar as a navigation bar in my theme. This ad slot brings in around 15% of the total income for this site. Something for you to think about.

I hope that this post give you the confidence to take action right now and create a niche site of your own.

As a side note – I don't reveal my niche for one reason, and that is I have seen other fellow bloggers have their sites sabotaged by jealous/malicious readers using negative SEO tactics and I am not prepared to let these guys attack one of my sites…I'm sure you can understand.

It's been a long post and a fairly comprehensive one at that, please ask any questions you have in the comments below and I will answer them all.

– Lewis 🙂

Image courtesy of Master Isolated Images.

Lewis Ogden

Lewis was able to take his hobby of building websites and turn it into a blueprint that enables him to build, rank and profit from niche websites. As a result of his niche site success, he now makes a full-time 5-figure income and even managed to quit his 9-5 job back in early 2015 all driven by his knowledge that he shares here on this blog.

Dwight - 3 years ago

You are right that was a long post, took me awhile to read everything and I mean everything. Nice to see posts like this showing up online. Great detail in every aspect, should help many readers out.

If you happen to need places to guest post, send me an email I certainly would be interested in having you do a post or two for my blog.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thanks Dwight appreciate your comments!

    I will be checking out your site and will definitely bear the guest post in mind!

    Bhim Chawhan - a couple of years ago

    Another mind blowing idea Lewis! appreciate your work. This post increased more knowledge of finding and banging with hidden and potential keywords…

Casey - 3 years ago

Damn, lengthy post Lewis.

I read half, I shall finish the rest later when I get some more time.

Really nice blog, man!


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Cheers man, I did get a bit carried away but I didn’t want to miss anything out!

    Let me know if you have any questions/comments.

    – Lewis

Albert - 3 years ago

Great information, but I just wonder. Is this method still working after Pinguin 2.1?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Albert – I’ve seen no negative movements since 2.1 release. I have has a few inner pages move UP as a result of my competition disappearing, presumably due to penguin 2.1 🙂

Paul - 3 years ago

Lewis – this post is awesome, especially the tip about using Flippa; never thought of it like that before.

As someone who is just getting back into the niche site game I am thinking about updating my suite of tools – how do you think Long Tail Platinum stacks up against Market Samurai?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Paul – thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

    To be honest I could never gel with Market Samurai and after the Google changes which nearly crippled them I went looking for something else.

    I find Long Tail Platinum very comfortable to use and quick. The keyword competetiveness takes the hassle out of looking at metrics (as you do with MS). This save so much time I don’t think I would go back to MS in a hurry.

    The support Spencers team provides is also very good and I have had a few support questions answered within hours.

      Paul - 3 years ago

      Thanks for the tip – I have signed up to LTP so I will see what it’s like over the next 10 days.

MMD - 3 years ago

Awesome tutorial Lewis! $1,000 of income per month is no small accomplishment. Is most of that revenue from Adsense or Amazon? How much of your link building do you attribute to your private blog network? Good suggestion on the Fiver links. I always thought of them as being probably no good, but perhaps I could give them a second look.

PJ - 3 years ago

Great post, i wanted to know if your blog network is any niche specific or you post all different niche type content on your blog network sites?

How many blog network links you sent to this site?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey PJ – I make all of the sites in my networks niche specific and the content to completely related to the niche.

    I think having unrelated content on your PBN sites is a big No No if you want to maintain the network.

      Abayomi Aje - last year

      Do you mean if your domain is weightloss related, you post only weight loss articles on the sitee? You can’t use generic domains and go around ( weight loss, acne, dog training e.t.c in the same domain )?

      Also, how much do you think it will cost to have a PBN of 10 domains?

        Lewis - last year

        No not at all, you can and I advocate building a larger site around health etc if your target is weight loss.

        The cost of a PBN will vary greatly on weather you build it yourself or outsource to an Agency or have a VA do it. Typically if you are doing it yourself the cost is minimal and you just have to account for your time, domain and hosting purchases and the content.

        Outsourcing is significantly more, however you save a ton of time. So I guess it depends which you have the most of…free time/skill-set or money?

Lazy Ass Stoner - 3 years ago

Great case study man. Really love how comprehensive it is and the idea of using Flippa to hunt for profitable niches is killer.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Jay – thanks for the comments man, glad you liked the post. I’ve got a more in depth tutorial on how I use Flippa coming very soon!

    p.s – I was only checking out your site the other day…nice work buddy!

Dave So - 3 years ago

Lewis, Thank you for this is a great informative post.
I’ve been mildly successful with IM in the past making a moderate income and serving several clients. Several Google updates later and all the hard work was lost, income was down to nearly zero. I lost interest in IM and turned my focus to my other interests.

I’ve stumbled on your blog from trafficplanet and reading this post has reignited my interest in IM. As the cold weather is here I’ll be spending a lot more time indoors having another go at IM. Looking for new ways to improve my old sites. I am y even update my own blog!!

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Dave, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad your passion has been reignited!

    Keep us posted on your progress back into IM, In fact, I think you should update your blog with your plans, progress and successes!

    All the best

    – Lewis 🙂

Cris - 3 years ago

Epic post Lewis. i have one question:
You spend $85 on the site set up but how much in the linkbuilding strategy?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thanks Cris – this site has just 5 PBN sites pointed at it, all of which I found via RegisterCompass and picked up for the $7 reg fee.

    I then use GSA ($99 on time payment) to build links slowly to these PBN sites.

Berkinb - 3 years ago

Very nice post mate, kudos to you for the share 🙂 I’ll now read the Private Blog Network post and I was wondering what plugin is that which pops up the “Read Previous Post” at the bottom?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thanks mate, let me know if you have any questions on the PBN article.

    The plugin is called “upPrev”, really easy and works well 🙂

frank joseph - 3 years ago

Wow! I just spend 20 minutes reading this over and over again! I must say you know what you are talking about.
If you don’t mind, you can hit me up with your writer. 500 words article for $2.5 sound golden.

And it seems you have a nice idea of keyword research which is my biggest problem.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thanks Frank. As for my writer, I keep him very busy to he is working for me full time I’m afriad!

    Head over to Odesk and create a job looking for a “Premium Artcle Writer”, you should get a few good ones.

      frank joseph - 3 years ago

      Thank you for the tip, i will definitely check it out. and i enjoy your article on matt’s blog, it is a simple but very powerful method of doing keyword research.

Isaiah Joseph - 3 years ago

You just killed it Lewis, and here is another Lewis on the Money making Niche, welcome bro, and with this your writing skill, in no time, you will be making a niche creek for yourself in this niche.
Nice article!

Tevin - 3 years ago

Lewis, Really a long and detailed post man. You have covered everything. But I mainly focused on the The Off Page Part. You said using Web 2.0 properties with spun content is just a waste of time now. What do you mean by spun, I mean I have created few Web 2.0 properties with about 70% unique content. I read this from various places all over the web that content with more than 60% uniqueness is good enough. Kindly I am on a low budget and can not afford guest post right now. So, please advise me how can i set up my web 2.0 the right way to have maximum output.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Tevin – for a complete zero budget method I would knock out a few 300-400 word articles myself, completely unique of course. If you have some budget, you can get a VA on odesk to do 500 word articles for $2 a pop.

    It’s the unique content that’s needed. Post penguin 2.1 I had a few sites hit that had web 2.0 links with poorly spun content.

    I guess it depends on what you are comfortable with. I am looking at how Google is evolving and trying to stay the right site of algo updated by using non spun content.

    It does work for others tho, so like I said, to each his own.

Trigger - 3 years ago

Great strategy Lewis! I’ll definitely have to try it. One tip for finding domain names once you’ve gotten all of your keywords together is to use bustaname.com. It will give you all of the available combinations automatically! 🙂 It’s how I find almost all of my domains if I have a bunch of word combos to put together and choose from.

mohan - 3 years ago

Great post. Very Informative. Can you reveal your Kenyan writer details or is it confidential? Can we use him also for our articles as he seems very affordable and his writing seems to be good as you are using him.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Mohan – I have to keep my writer top secret as he is busy with my work, however I have a post coming very soon which shows exactly how to find quality writers for the right price.

    I will include my job description templates and all.

Angel Dimitroc - 3 years ago

Great and ultimately informative post! I’m so happy I found your and Matthew’s blogs – you guys rule!

Lewis, just eanted to know if you have used 99centarticles.com’s services and if you’re pleased with the content created? I’m looking for a such company to hire for SEO articles.

Thanks in advance,

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thanks for your comments Angel!

    I’ve not used them however it looks like a 500 word article is $21.25? or is that for 3 articles? Either way it’s a lot more than I pay!

    Sign up for email updates as I have a post coming on how to find quality writers.

      Angel Dimitrov - 3 years ago

      Yeah, the price varies between 5 and 7 USD per 500-word article. I will try them out and get back to you with feedback

      Regarding the subscription, I’m already part of your newsletter list. 🙂

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Thats not too nad then and definately worth buying a couple of samples and see how the quality is. Let us know how you find it.

        Great stuff!

Dan Merryday - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

I have a question: you mention that you used 5 PBN sites to increase the ranking of this site. How much did the overall investment take to build these 5 sites?

I know that Register Compass is $37/month, and did all 5 of your sites only cost $7?

I think there are “hidden” costs to the success of this niche site that aren’t included, simply because these assets are also used for other projects. However, for the sake of transparency for the beginners here, maybe it would be good to put in a “disclaimer” to include the extra costs of building “shared” assets.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Dan – I picked up those sites from a guy also from the UK on a forum that had a registrar tag. So he could drop catch domains.

    So the PBN sites for this money site cost me around £30 each ($48). The beauty is if I had chosen the wrong keyword and not been able to rank this site, the PBN sites could have been repurposed to use on another money site 🙂

    You comment on hidden costs, I guess I did over look that however the first step of the link building section, links to my article on building a PBN, which explains the costs and shows how you can use expired domains to build a network.

Leo @Newbiesup - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for such a long thorough article.
It seems your total cost for each niche site is less than $100 excluding host expense.
But what’s your investment on your PBN?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    PBN expenses very depending how you set them up. For example, if you buy and auction domain or an expired domain the costs will be very different.

    Hosting for the PBN sites vary per domain, but the $1 hosting is a good option ($12 annually).

    I find the main expense is buying the domain and keeping it topped up with quality content. There is also a time cost to setting up and maintaining these PBN sites that you must take into consideration.

    if you are just starting out with a PBN time is your friend 🙂

      Leo @Newbiesup - 3 years ago

      Hi, quite a lot answer my question.

      Many thanks

Chris - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,
thanks for this great post, I had never thought of using flippa in that way.

Couple of questions:
1) You mention having created a PBN of 5 sites; do you have your main KW as anchor text on those or do you diversify there as well?
2) When you say use GSA to add links pointing at you PBN slowly. How slow do you mean?
3) Do you have an RSS feed?



    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Chris thanks for your comment. To answer your questions;

    1) I use both anchor text and also variations and I mix it up across the sites. You may need more PBN sites in you network depending on how competetive the keywords are.
    2) I am currently reevaluating this as I am looking more towards longevity woth my PBN sites. If you buy the right domains, you sometimes don’t need to build additional links. As I guide I will only do a blast once or twice a week and limit it to a few hundred per domain.
    3) Yep it’s at http://cloudincome.com/feed

    – Lewis 🙂

Ram - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

I’ve come over from Matthew’s blog and have almost read through 40% of your posts! I have to say its opened my mind in making niche websites.

I have some questions on my current niche site I would love if you could answer…

I have a gaming website with a good keyword getting roughly 7,000 searches monthly. It’s for the PS4 and I have ranked number 1 for the keyword previously but never had any ways of making money from it.

What ways would you recommend on making money? I was thinking setting up Amazon affiliates as I review games on it as well, is there any other ideas you have?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Ram – glad it’s got you thinking!

    How about looking for online gaming services such as steampowered.com (not sure if they have allow affiliates), as another way to generate affiliate sales along with Amazon?

    How about having a comparison table for each game which compares the prices (if they are different), and each one will be an affiliate link?

    How about other gaming accessories that you could review?

    There are loads of possibilities!

    – Lewis

      Ram - 3 years ago

      Hi Lewis,

      Thank you for the reply!

      Yes before I gave up hope on the domain name I had but a good search on Google adwords I realised I do have a decent domain name I can build on and can write about something I have a interest in, gaming.

      Sweet I think I have it planned out I will be writing about game reviews and the latest PS4 hardware news. I’ve finished redesigning my page, and luckily checked my old Facebook fanpage and was surprised to have over 6k likes, lets hope this niche is good for me.

      Keep up the great posts!


        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Awesome Ram, look like you have a plan. Stick with it and give it time and effort.

        Fingers crossed for you buddy!

          Ram - 3 years ago

          Hi Lewis,

          Hope your having a great weekend!

          I have a question, which free website/software would recommend to view how well my website is doing for a certain keyword?


          Lewis - 3 years ago

          Hi Ram, there are loads of different rank tracking software availble, some paid and some free. I have used;

          – Traffic Travis (Free & Paid)
          – Long Tail Pro (Free & Paid)
          – Rank Tracker from SEOPowersuit (Paid)
          – RankCheckerAce (Free)
          – SerpFox (Paid)
          – SheerSEO.com (Free Trial & Paid)

          I use LTP the most followed by SERPFox

Glen - 3 years ago

Great post – thank you so much!

What plug-ins do you recommend? If I have missed where you have already posted your list… apologies!

Keep up the great work!


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I use many of the usual suspects;

    Contact Form 7
    Yoast SEO
    Page Duplicator

    Depends in the niche and what I need to do, also the WP you use may call for a different plugin if you want to add/change something.

Aimee - 3 years ago

First time reading your blog. Can’t remember how I found you but really glad to find the site. Do you mind answering a few questions?

1) When you link to the site from the PBN, do you link only to the homepage or to inner pages as well? If it’s only to the homepage, what if there are other money keywords in the inner pages, do you start another PBN for those?

2) Is it possible to give a more detailed explanation on how you build and rank your Youtube videos? Are they made for ranking or only for site content.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Aimee – Great to have you here tanks for your comments. To answer your questions;

    1 – I link to both homepage and inner pages and also to other authority sites like Wiki and News sites

    2 – I don’t try an rank these videos, I just optimise the Title like you would if writing an article. These videos are for additional content on my site and for the backlink you get in the video description.

    – lewis

sergey - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis, found your blog organicly through google )

How many sites do you have in your PBN?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I have different PBN’s for different niche sites, however for this Niche site I have just the 7 PBN sites I mention.

Bill - 3 years ago

Interesting stuff. The Fiverr aspect was something that I had overlooked, however, don’t use quotation marks. For some reason Fiverr search does not handle quotation marks well.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Bill, yeah the quotation marks were just my formatting on the post, used to highlight the actual text you should search for 🙂

Josh May - 3 years ago

This is an absolutely splendid post bro. I’m starting to try and build a few niche sites and this has a TON of information that I will undoubtedly come back to in the near future. Couple questions though:

Have you ever used Market Samurai, and if so, why did you choose Long Tail Pro over it?

Also, what are your primary methods of monetization for your niche site?

Adsense? Affiliate products? Just curious.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Josh – Thansk for your kind comments, to answer your questions, I have used MS in the past, however it was always too slow and clunky for my liking. I honestly don’t get what all the fuss is about.

    I much prefer LTP for it’s speed and competition analysis.

    For this particular niche site I use AdSense and Amazon Associates. They are great to start with to get a good idea of what a site can generate.

Eric Kim - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis

I’m always happy to ask a question.lol
Do you think of EMD with your keyword?

I’ve thought about this many times, and read some articles but I think it doesn’t really affect to SEO.

Moreover, google algo had changed it to reduce the amount of low quality exact match domains in search results.

How do you think about that?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I do have some EMD’s that rank very well with very little effort on my part. The trick is to choose your keywords wisely and only go for those where you think the competition is weak.

    I know for a fact EMD’s with very little content can and do still rank well if you choose wisely.

JPC - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis ,
First of all , i want to thank you for this excellent guide , i have been researching about making niche sites recently and your experiences enlightened me a lot . However , i am dealing with some problems which i need your instructions :

1.If the keyword i researched has low competitiveness , however , it is dominated by many Ecommerce sites ( eBay , Amazon , Walmart ,etc) on the SERP , is it worth investing ?

2.Do you have any suggested prices of your niche site products ? Is it ok if my niche site product average price is 10$~ ?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon . Thank you in advance .

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey thanks for your comment, to answer your questions;

    1. Ecommerce sites are notoriously hard to beat. Google is giving a lot of weight to the brand value and many don’t even have any backlinks pointing to the page that is ranking. They are ranking based purely on brand and domain authority.

    In my opinion, I stay clear of these if I can and look for longer tail, or other products to target that are not dominated by the big boys.

    2. I have 2 thoughts on product price.

    First – I try to target items in the $50 to $150 range, anymore than that and you have to put in a significant amount of effort to convince the buyer. That said if you have the knowledge on the items already then there is no reason not to go higher.

    Second – If you target smll ticker items $10 and under, then if you are using Amazon for example, it can bump up the number of products sold which will also increase your comission percentage.

    So the ideal scenario would be to have a site promoting $10 products and another promoting $50-$150 products, both using the same Amazon Associates account.

    You use the cheaper item sales to bump up your comissions, meaning you earn more on any higher priced items you do sell 🙂

AnonyDev - 3 years ago

Hey Man, Great and pretty long Article, I am really liking all your posts,
Just got a question, what do you estimate the average Monthly/Daily earnings of an adsense website ranking for a keyword with 1300 local searches and ~1$ with one in-post text banner
great blog and awesome content, Thank you for your help.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi. This is impossible to say. With this my niche the cpc is only around the $0.20 mark, however thats only for the main keyword. You will also rank for hundreds of other keywords where the CPC will vary.

    You simply need to look if people are buying AdWords, and if they are chancers are there is money in that niche. There is no way to even guess what the earnings potential is by using the number of searches and SERP position.

    Those who say you can, will just be guessing.

Herschel - 3 years ago

Very good & helpful content.

Just got a quick question for you.

Besides the Home Page,
(1) how many inner pages go I have to create?, and
(2) what content should i write about these inner pages?

Thanks again.

anonydev171 - 3 years ago

Again, thank you for the amazing tutorial but I do have another question,
how can we go about finding the inner articles topics, titles, keyword to target, same question goes for the categories, thank you 🙂

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    There are various ways;

    1) Use the Google auto suggest by typing in your main keyword and gather any keywords that proceed or follow.
    2) Use a tool such as UberSuggest or LTP
    3) Search forums on the topic for questions asked and key topics raised
    4) What are the competition doing….?

    Hope that helps

Herschel - 3 years ago

Thanks for the info Lewis.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    No problem 🙂 if you have any questions please let me know

Joe - 3 years ago

Thanks for the excellent info.

How long do you think it took you to build the site from keyword research to when you considered it finished?

Also how many links from your PBN and other resources did it receive?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Joe,

    If I remember right, I literally wrote alot of the content over the course of a week. I used LTP to gather my keywords, then I decided on categories/topics.

    I blasted out all of the content and had other bits written by a VA and then just posted it all, no drip feeding articles or anything. Took about 4 months to get to this stage of income.

      Joe - 3 years ago

      Thanks Lewis,

      That is a great return for that much work.



        Lewis - 3 years ago

        It is indeed, there was time spent upfront for keyword and market research etc however once I set my mind on something I like to see it through to completion.

        It certainly paid of in this instance 🙂

Dhruv Bhagat - 3 years ago

Thank you so much Lewis! Such articles always rank well in Google. You have written a full proof guide about link building and other stuffs!

Great! Keep sharing.

I was thinking to buy Magic Submitter to build links. Will that work?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey no worries thanks for your comments. I would say it depends of the type of site you are building and how long you want the rankings to last once you get to the top spots.

    Any automated tool such as MS will become obsolete as Google get smarter. Yeah they still work, but for how long is anyones guess.

Swayam Gupta - 3 years ago

Thanks sir for sharing this Article with us.. Just started working in a nich site and i hope that these tricks as you mention here will be beneficial for me.. Thanks a lot again 🙂

thomas - 3 years ago

Thanks, I’m getting ready to set up a few niche sites myself and needed to see this, how long will it take to make some full time income with a few niches sites?

Happy New Year from kobe, japan!

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thomas, this is a realy open ended question as there are quite a number of variables involved. It’s impossible to say as your experience, keywords, site & link relevance & quality and much more are all factors which can have an impact on this.

    The bets thing to do is just get going and you will soon learn and find out for yourself 🙂

dailyviet - 3 years ago

awesome post, it’s very help for me. thank you very very much

Dan Ray - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Are you still earning this level of income? I’m thinking of writing a case study adsense/amazon niche sites, but struggling to find guys who are still making this kind of money.

I have a few at this level but looking for others too.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Dan,

    There are a few new competitors to the market but yeah it does however around this level each month. I have improved upon the site somewhat since this post and built a few new PBN links etc.

    Will be good to read your case study.


Chris - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis,

Great breakdown and nice income as well. I too have been searching out for recent case studies to try and replicate and document similar success stories. I have experience with setting up specific product related affiliate sites, like promoting a particular ClickBank or CJ.com product as well as doing posts promoting particular Amazon products or including an AdSense ad on a site, but I have not taken the plunge to actually do an AdSense/Amazon centric site.

Your example looks like a great way to accomplish both tasks at the same time. I will be going through the post in full detail later this weekend and might reach out with some additional questions if you don’t mind. Thanks for sharing!

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey Chris no problem, drop me an email if you need any help buddy.

Renerio - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis, thank you for the thorough guide. It amazes me that you included even the theme you used for your site. Not something which I expected but I bet a lot of us readers wanted that information.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey thanks for your comment! Yeah I like to do things a little differently here 🙂

Gareth - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

Fantastic post! I’ve been following it religiously in order to finally make some money online( have been trying on and off for the last 5 years and currently made the grand total of £14. I am making sure to follow every step in order to find the most prooitable niche, but notice that the free version of LTP does not contain the competition (Avg KC). Is there a way of getting this info for free from somewhere else, or am I just in analysis paralysis and should just get on with it? 🙂

I currently have a niche I think will work well and can certainly write a lot about, I’m just frozen with the idea of getting it wrong. Maybe that’s my problem!

Thanks again for an enlightening read


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Gareth,

    My first success online came as a result of just getting things done. I know what you are going through as I have been there and many others will follow. All I did was say, right I have 1 week to get all this content done before I either convince myself it won’t work or I lose interest.

    I took that weeks worth of work and turned that site it into a $300 site within 2 months.

    As far as LTP goes and analysing the competition, the best way to go would be to look at the top 10. Are they all big brands? Are there any niche sites/EMD’s ranking? Any other sign of an internet marketers in there? Can you write 2-3k words on the topic with ease? Do you have enough long tail keywords to create categories and inner pages that can bring in some traffic whilst you are trying to rank for your main KW?

    Answer these quickly and honestly. You will then have your answer. It’s not scientific, and all LTP does is give you some metrics that are supposed to help. However there are some low comp KW’s according to LTP that I couldn’t rank for and there are some high competition KW’s that I ranked for with ease.

    You won’t honestly know until you get stuck in. Heck you’ve already made money so you know it’s possible.

    If you have any specific questions along the way, head over to the forums and I will help you out some more 1-on-1.


      Gareth - 3 years ago

      That’s brilliant – thanks Lewis. I can see why you get some devoted followers!
      I’ll get stuck in after a few more checks and will let you know how I get on 🙂

      Have a great day.

jorge - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis, for your navigation menu set up, do you target keywords in the main menu or do you just choose a name for the menu based on the navigation of the site?

Does this matter at all which ever way you decide to do it? which do you use?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Jorge, it really depends on the niche and if it makes sense to use the keywords or not. Also if they are long keywords I will not use them. I prefer to make the site look good first and then optimise around that.


George - 3 years ago

Extremely interesting. Thanks for all the niche site ideas that you have given. I always have trouble finding good sites where I can guest post. How do you find those?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I start really simple like a Goole search for the topic followed by “write for us” or “guest post” – include the quotes to make Google use that eaxct string.

    Once you have exhausted those resources then it comes down to networking. You will be surprised how open the hobbiest site owner is to some great content who appears to love the topic as much as he or she does!

Lyman Perrine - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

This is my first time landing on your site. You have some solid tips. Especially the part about using Flippa to do your niche research. Your post really reminds me why I love internet marketing. Your process is almost completely different than mine, but we both can achieve great success. Just goes to show there is no definite one way to be successful with niche sites.

I’m going to keep your site on my radar and look forward to reading more. Take care.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thanks Lyman for your kind words. IM and Online Business is indeed a varied place with so many ways to “make it”…!

John Shea - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis,

Great round up post for creating niche sites. I plan to do a lot of these things with a new site I am working on!

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thank John, let me know if you have any questions. You can drop them here in the forum!

Phil - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis

Good niche site review, if you could take a moment to answer:

How is your site doing now, and do you update it much?

Also, what was the Avg.KC of the keywords you choose on this site?

Thanks, keep rockin’

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey Phil,

    I try to add content at least once per month, it’s doing ok probably dropped a little in income to around $700 or so per month, however I put that down to more and more competition.

    Someone sold a site in this niche on Flippa and since then I have seen new site after new site come into the market! KC was around 30 but now it’s like 40+ with all the new sites and MASSES of backlinks they have!

      Phil - 3 years ago

      Appreciate the reply. I’m about to launch a site, still juggling the keyword data. There are a lot of metrics to take into account…

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        I would suggest starting with the longer tail keywords, just based on experience

ianbong - 3 years ago

This is really inspirational. Looking forward to reading more of your case studies!

John - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis,

Just wondering how many niche sites do you typically host per shared hosting account?

I have about 20 niche sites on 1 baby hostgator account and am about to start creating another decent sized niche/possible authority site soon.

I guess I’m pretty paranoid with SEO, especially since the last 5 sites I’ve made on my host haven’t been ranking as well as I hoped.

I am worried about how many sites is safe on one shared hosting account. I am aware that shared hosting is used by hundreds of people, but my logic is that they are all under different cpanel accounts.

It seems likely that google would be able to figure out that one guy has 20 sites on a single host via same domain registrar info (regardless of private whoIS), or via same cpanel account (through your cpanel email or other ways).

Just wondering your thoughts on this, and if you are paranoid like me; do you register hosts under fake names?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey John, I don’t believe Google can see the hosting registration info so I don’t bother with Fake details. Also you will find that many will not allow fake details to be used. I have a few different hosting accounts and one is a dedicated server where I move sites that are successful to. Other than that i just set them up on the same (Bluehost account) initially and go from there. I dont worry about it too much.

Alex - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis,

Whats your personal opinion on EMDs vs Branded Domains for Ranking as of today?

Contrary to what I hear. I have a gut feeling that EMDs still can rank super easily compared to non emds. In fact I’d go as far as saying a PA20 EMD is equivalent to a PA30 brandable domain when ranking for the same keyword.

However this is purely speculation from ongoing patterns I notice when analyzing the SERPs.

Reason I am asking is because I have a “how to” keyword in mind that gets about 5k searches.

I originally was planning on making a branded site for this and using a 40k term as the homepage. I feel I could rank bottom page with a PA30; and if it grows to PA40ish I could eventually take out the Wikihows. This is kind of a future proof concept.

Then I had planned to use the 5k “how to” term as a top post and direct all my initial links at it, to rank that keyword first.

Well anyway this “how to” kw has fairly low competition. Im seeing a DA 15 EMD.net ranking position 2#.

Surprisingly the .com EMD of this “how to” term is available, so now I am unsure whether to go branded or not. EMD obviously looks worse and limits the sites growth, but at the end of the day its all about the money.

Just wondering how much of a boost you feel EMD homepages get vs Branded sites trying to rank a post for the same term (such as this case)?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    First off I would jts be sure that the .com “how to” EMD has not been used and abused before (checking the backlinks etc).

    As for EMD vs Brandable – EMD’s do still work and can rank quickly, I guess it comes down to longevity and in my mind I would always go for a PMD (partial match) or brandable domain everytime. This will allow me to do 2 things;

    1) Build brand anchor text keywords without over optimising
    2) The resale value of the site with a brandable domain is much higher – and there is no way a Google algo on EMD’s can effect them.

    I say do both and use this as a test for future projects. The EMD sounds like it will do well whilst your build out your branded site.

Gurren - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis,

First off I really like the site and will subscribe soon! But I have a couple of question:

1.Where did you find your writer for so cheap?

2.How long are the articles he produces?

3.And how many words to feel are necessary on subsequent pages of a website? I understand that the first page should get close 2,000 but what about the other pages?

Thanks for all your help


Shivam - 3 years ago

Firstly, that was seriously the “Comprehensive” post. However, as Google has changed its algo, and after series of Panda and Penguin, what should be the Link Building strategy for Micro Niche in 2014?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Simply put…don’t build Micro niche sites. You need to be building bigger and better with a focus on slow and stead wins the race…long term.

Adesanmi Adedotun - 3 years ago

Niche site seems to be the best way to make money online this day but I have a question relating to this which I believe is very common to blogger who venture much into Niche site that building link is very important but I can noticed that you don’t talk about building link to rank high on search engine here, why? Does it work the same way or what?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I do talk about link building quite a lot, in this article the focus is on PBN’s as that is what is working right now.

Ryan - 3 years ago

It’s completely new way for me, I never thought Flippa listing can be used for this purpose. Amazing.

vanessa - 3 years ago

thanks for the great read, as a web designer I tried to create a niche website a couple of years ago, didn’t put that much time into it and never got of the ground, i kind of gave up… but now I’m a little more confident, 🙂
by the way do you think its a good idea to use the GSA tool for link building, what are the chances that you getting banned by Google? Will my whole site get banned or just the page that it is linking to?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Vanessa, I don’t recommend using GSA now for SEO as you wil eventually get hit by Google. Slower and steady with more focus on quality and relevancy is where I place my efforts now.

Moncef - 3 years ago

Thaaaaaaaaanks (y) verry good article , have one question , i have niche website in home i make Article with 1000 word but the same article in another link like http://www.niche.com = 1000 word http://www.niche.com/niche i redirect the seconde link to home my question is : this redirect is safely and dont have any problems with ranking in google ??

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    If you are talking about redirecting a URL that has inbound backlinks to the homepage, then yes you can do this. Just be sure to limit how many you do for longer term success.

      mike - 3 years ago

      Do you recommend finding expired domains, and just redirecting those domains 1 or 2 of them to your money site? to go along with a PBN? I mean I’m buying some old domains and making some general blogs on them and getting my writer to write articles relevant to my niches, then putting those on my pbn sites, with a couple links to the money site. however would it be beneficial to also get a few expired domains and ‘redirect’ them directly to money site?

      thanks – great post

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Hey Mike – I do and have done this in the past, however I think if Google are to crack down and devalue anything it would be 301 redirects. I’m not sure how but I don’t think it is a good long term solution for stable rankings. I guess it depends on what you are confortable with.

Beck - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis, Great article!

I was wondering about domain authority and if matters? Some keywords have high domain authority but they have little page authority. Is it still wise to go after these keywords? Especially if they have most sites with a PR 2-0???

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    First up I ignore PR and use PA as my main metric to gauge if I can rank for a certain keyword. The lower the average of the top 10 PA the better. around 30 is good.


Ishaan - 3 years ago

Superb Post It Took So Long To Read But Very Informative Thanks

greg - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis, very informative! You mentioned that you use your PBN to point to 3 different money sites. Are they all in the same niche or can you use the PBN for different niches to gain rankings?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey Greg,

    I keep my PBN sites generic in nature so that they can link to multile sites in ‘similar’ niches, even if they are not exactly the same.

Stephan - 3 years ago

Amazing Post!!! you actually rank 3rd for this post when searching register compass haha!!

This post is literally the steps you take for perfect SEO! People pay hundreds of dollars for information like this! In fact I know of courses that don’t even share this much!

Vjay - 3 years ago

By reading your success story report i can say you are master in it, i get motivated by reading such success stories. Hope i also accomplish this goal one day.

Cesar Z - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis,

Cesar here. Great post my man! Great hearing another success story and that its still possible to make money with creating niche sites. If it’s OK with you Lewis, for those that are having trouble with keyword niche research, may I suggest you head on over to Keyword-helper.com – they have both “ready made” Amazon and Adsense Keyword Niche Packages.


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    This looks like an interesting service, thanks for sharing man!

Melody - 3 years ago

Nice post. Really, really nice. Congrats on 1,000 per month, that’s huge. I’ve made a couple niche sites but let them all die because they were horrible niches and I’ve lost tons of money on programs and products and advice that didn’t make any sense or maybe I’m just too stupid to follow. I now have no money and a ton of ambition. I want to start niche sites again, and I know I need LongTail but I don’t know if I can afford it, especially if it doesn’t work out then I’ll lose even more….. so I’m conflicted. Is self help a niche you would recommend? Like something more specific in that category or even general, with categories for relationships and food and exercise? I don’t know, just an idea. I wish I had more direction. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m almost broke.

Thanks again for the post.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    It sounds like you should spend some time understanding what it is that you want and how to get there. If niche sites can get you to your goal then start keyword reasearch. Sure LTP will help, but you don’t NEED any tools. Just do the keyword research manually, using the Google keyword tool and your own assessment of the top 10.

    This is where I started and it will make you a better SEO and niche site builder if you do it this way.

      Melody - 3 years ago

      Thank you. I guess I’m not totally confident I can do proper keyword research and get it really right. Not to mention all the other stuff, but it seems to start with KW research and go from there.

Raheel Farooq - 3 years ago

Thank you, Lewis. It’s been a great day. I’ve been reading your posts here and on Matthew Woodward blog. And things are making sense to me for the first time, believe me. Perhaps my approach has been wrong, altogether. I’m running a life hacks blog that has been an unprecedented failure for me.
As for this post, let me frankly show you my ignorance. I don’t know how CPC influences your income. I’m sure I’ll be able to find good keywords to rank for, and probably do rank for them, but will Google Adsense be the only way to earn money?
I’ll be glad if you could suggest me some basic readings, or be kind enough to write to me some good lessons so that I may earn something for my family in the literal sense. As for metaphors, I’m already richer than many of my competitors! 😉

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Thats certainly ot the only way to make money from a blog. Look at this site, I don’t use adsense yet i am making money indirectly from this blog. Thats a nice metaphor and it’s certinaly something many people in this industry should take notice of. It’s not all about the money…however that money does pay the bills so… I suggest you get inside of your own mind and understand what it is you truely want, I mean are you that interested in Life Hacks? Can you compete with Tim Ferris?

    Understand your passions, problems and fears and you will be much closer to a project that interests and excites you. Just bare in mind that the topic needs to have financial viability.

mike - 3 years ago

would it be better to use an exact match domain plus suffix or prefix, or to use an aged expired domain that isn’t exact match but the title does fit in the niche? its not a blow you out of the water great expired domain, but it does have some links, PA and DA. and is very relevant to the products i’ll be marketing


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I would go with the expired domain these days. There is very little benefit to have a PMD (partial match domain) these days. Age and links are great if you can find one that is niche relevant or generic enough to use in any niche!

Prositetutorials - 3 years ago

Thanks great insight. I enjoyed the part where you spoke about keyword research and how you did it. I never thought about Flippa before so it’s something that I will start using.

samet - 3 years ago

How many articles should be? How many words should be?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    You shoud keep adding articles, but start with 10. I aim for 600+ words per article

Richard - 3 years ago


Awesome article.

Love the idea and the detail – Thanks for sharing.

I see you prefer human written content for your PBN, but wondered if you’d tried Kontent machine which guarantees tier 1 quality content?

Also do you think the web 2.0’s can still work if the content is unique and human quality?

Thanks again.

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    I hate content spinners with a passion, I’ve used them in the past and they were poor. I’m sure they are better now however I see spinning as a big shortcut and generally these shortcuts lead to bad things in the SERPS when an algo update comes around.

    I’m sure they do/will wrk for some time, but for the price I can get content for it’s not worth it for me.

    Web 2.0’s do still work well – however again I would use unique non-spun content

    – Lewis

      James - 3 years ago

      Very nice strategy

      When looking at a keywords do you take in account the CPC/ Ad comp. when building an amazon type niche site?

        Lewis - 3 years ago

        Thanks James, I don’t really use CPC /Ad competition at all if it’s an Amazon niche site, mainly as I have a single goal – get them onto Amazon ASAP and let them to their thing.

        Depending on the product price, generally the CPC will be ok anyway as a fall-back method.

David - 3 years ago

Thanks for the great info! One question. You said you link to at least 3 money sites from the PBN used for this niche. Do you link to all three money sites from each individual PBN site or do you only link to one money site per PNB site? I hope that makes sense! Thanks again!

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    You can link to multiple moneysites from each PBN sites – I make sure that not every PBN site has the same outbound link profile to avoid footprints.

jarek - 3 years ago

Hi Lewis.

You share really valuable knowledge. I would like to thank you.

There is a big preasure to prepare to mobile users.
Did you test or will you the ‘responce’ format on your niche sites?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Most themes nowadays are responsive so I always go with a responsive theme to make sure I am able to capture that mobile traffic

Rudd - 3 years ago

Good stuff man. Lenghty article, but totally worth it reading every word by word. I’m still on my reading phase, doing some research on niche site and can’t wait to get started.

Chris - 3 years ago

Hey Lewis,

I just saw a post from Spencer Haws over at Niche Pursuits that went live today, detailing a huge hit in traffic this weekend, that appears to be a Google penalty from utilizing Private Blog Networks. Hopefully you didn’t notice something similar? Curious if it’s a more widespread issue?


    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hey Chris – I will be pushing a post out later today with my thoughts and how I was impacted. I have been away whilst all this was going on so not great timing!

Jim - 3 years ago

Just wondering what the consensus is on the folks who used the LTK software after reading this article. Did you see any noticeable results? Any newer software on the market that does a better job at finding long tail keywords?

    Lewis - 3 years ago

    Hi Jim, I only use LongTailPro myself so cannot comment on any other software. I did see a new tool mentioned on the blak hat forums a little whilst ago but cannot find it at the moment. Take a look and see if you can find it – it had good reviews.

Ozkar Ulloa - 3 years ago

Great article here! I wanted to find something cool about affiliate
marketing since all the efforts done so far produced weak results. I
think that my biggest mistake was the common one: not reading
statistics. Thanks a lot for the heads up, I’ll start working on my
properties and will let you know how everything went.

Greetings from Mexico.

Oscar - a couple of years ago

Hey Lewis thanks for this post very Informative
As of today are you still having success with the Niche and have your PBN been ok? I heard Google was hammering down on those.
Ive been trying to make a couple of Niche Websites but so many people have their own ways of doing things that just confuses us newbies.
In your opinion what is the best way to Monetize a website become an affiliate or adsense ?
Thanks buddy!

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    PBN & Niche site are still doing fine, I don’t cut corners which I think has been the downfall of many others.

    I don’t think niche sites are the way forward. I would suggest you pick a big niche and see how you can can form an authority site in that niche.


Rahul Poonia - a couple of years ago

Awesome Article, I recently started my tech blog at loudfind and isn’t getting that much oraganic traffic to my blog.
This article looks like i will be out of this issue very soon, thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    No problem good luck with your new blog – get some outreach going!

      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia - a couple of years ago

      Thanks !!

Don - a couple of years ago

Hey Lewis, when I was searching for some relative info on setting up multiple blogs and hosting,
Your title caught my attention, i.e.the word strategy, to my surprise I got more than what I bargain for.

Skipping over your article I knew would not do it justice, so right away I had to do my due deligence and give it my full attention so I book marked it so I can absorb the time and patience that went into constructing it for later today.

I rarely use Go dady for any of my name registration reason why they are much more money to register a domain name, I prefer name cheap, now that I am stepping it up with creating a network of blogs, not sure about fast host.

I found out that blue Host offers an affordable package that include free domain name registration with every blog that you create. That alone is worth my time to give them a review. If I am going to buld multiple blogs that free registration alone will save me $$$ annually.

Your post is a good is one that set an excellent example of what quality content is, and how
it should be done. The time and thought that it took you to put into it was well deserve and rewarding for me.

Thanks again for a job well done…

Jeff Spoon carver - a couple of years ago

This is one of the most helpful blog posts I’ve come across as I’ve been striving to make my site earn more money. I just hope I’m not too late as I’m sure there are pro’s gobbling up niche markets all over the place. Anyways, I just wanted to say I’m encouraged by your post, and I’ve read tons of them and haven’t commented on any of them yet. Thanks! – Jeff @ http://www.otsofwoods.com

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    Hey Jeff, thanks for your kind words!

    There are a million and one niches out there so I really wouldn’t worry about them all going. Getting better at keyword ressearch has really proven to be time well spent for me.

    Good luck on your site(s) if you have any questions let me know buddy.

Chinmay Patel - a couple of years ago

Loved your article. Although long. I sat and went through the whole thing. Presentation is too good and keeps the audience in the page. I have a question for you? If my site is related to Online Training, if I put many articles on my website, will it dilute the main keyword of the first page?

    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Additional content will only grow the site and traffic will increase as you will be hitting longer tail keywords. So my advise it to ALWAYS add more content.

Alyce - a couple of years ago

Thanks for this post. I have been focusing on social traffic for my site. Until this point I have put very little emphasis on SEO. The information you share here was really useful. I have an blog gear towards young entrepreneurs and have been using Amazon to monetize. Although I have made some sales when you promote ebooks at 6.5% you need to make a lot of sales to get the same commission for a larger product. How would you recommend promoting products with a higher price point while still complimenting my niche? Thanks Alyce

    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Hey Alyce, I would suggest that if your blog is targeting young entrepreneurs then you shouldn’t really be pushing Amazon products. Books here and there yes but on the whole I would rethink your plan. Are you able to teach them anything? Are you living the lifestyle they want to have and will pay to learn from you?

    If not you could promote other peoples courses and content, start a membership area or a mastermind group to understand what these young entrepreneurs really want…and then give it to them!

Edwin - a couple of years ago

Hi Lewis,

I have been thinking about creating a website I can monetize for the past one month. Would you encourage one to create a magazine like website with several keywords from different niches? Let’s say like 20 keywords from niches like health, entertainment, gaming…

I am thinking about ranking each keyword on its own, then monetize the site with adsense and affiliate links.

Thanks the great article BTW.


    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Hey Edwin, it would really depend on what your goals are. What you describe is a large niche site and the best approach for longer term profits. If you were to go smaller it would be easier to rank and quicker to make $$ however that may not long very long.

    It all depends how much time/money you have to put in and how long you are willing to work on something that doesn’t bring in any revenue, as that’s how most sites go.

honey - a couple of years ago

i am definitely going to try niche blogging thank for this info.

kestas - a couple of years ago

Hi Lewis,

It was mentioned a lot that you need to get a domain based on keyword you would like to rank niche website. Is it the same if you want to save on new domain and create just a subdomain for example:

Keyword: forex indicator
you make a subdomain: http://www.forexindicator.yourdomain.com

Will this work same?

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    That can work but not as well in my opinion. You would be better creating a sundirectory on the same domain, such as http://youtdomain.com/forexindicator/ – and adding content into that. Is your subdomain topic related to your root domain topic? I guess it is otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense to use a subdomain.

    I have seen subdomains used, for example blog.kissmetrics.com, however I would suggest using a subdirectory in most cases. If your topic isn’t related, that buy a new brandable domain. You don’t need to used EMD (exact match domains).

      kestas - a couple of years ago

      Yes my main domain is related to subdomain content. Talking about wordpress and best template for niche website. I have seen around that most recommended is genesis framework+child theme, what is your comment here?

        Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

        Yep I love Genesis, they have some great templates out of the box – even the standard theme looks great!

Mat - a couple of years ago

Great information – thanks so much for sharing.

Dan - a couple of years ago

Has flippa made any changes to how searches work lately? its only giving me results from the last month or so even with 12+ months set in the advanced search

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    Not from what I can see – try clearing your cache and try again or speak to Flippa support, it should work.

Gabi - a couple of years ago

Hi Lewis,

I’m hooked! lol, been around here all day!

I’ve got a question for you regarding niche sites. I have a site that’s been around for a while, bought it for $85 on Flippa with a nice head term in the URL, it’s a sub,sub niche of the women’s health and beauty niche. DA and PA are not amazing but it’s there… It’s generally a lucrative niche and because the head term is in the URL I could niche it down even more.

Anyway, it’s got about 8500 Youtube videos on it (which is not good in terms of scraped content). If I basically deleted all those posts and started with a clean WP install, could I use this as my niche site? Only asking because there would be a ton of 404 errors because I’ve got close to 5000 pages indexed. Would this have a negative effect on how the niche site will rank and be viewd by Google? Is there anything I should do to minimize this?

I was thinking of trying to save some of those posts and just adding relevant content in place of the videos, I’ve actually used your trick with basically transcribing clips into text. But I’m not sure if this is worthwhile or whether I should just delete all and start again.

Your thoughts would me much appreciated!


    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    That’s an interesting one. If those pages aren’t pulling in much traffic then I would be inclined to use a 301 redirect plugin for all 404 error pages and send them to your homepage.

    So there won’t be any broken links and when you resubmit your sitemap to Google they will likely drop those search results anyway.

      Gabi - a couple of years ago

      The site has a steady stream of just over 1000 visitors per month(all organic) but I see very few keywords that have buyers intent in GWT and also some of them are really weird! Since I changed some videos into 500 to 800 word posts the bounce rate has dropped from 80% to 60%. Although I’ve only done this with the to 15 pages so far, the down side is these posts are not all focused on a particular subject in sub niche but rather on a range of subjects related to the sub niche such as skin care, diet, health etc, so I may have wasted my time there. 🙁

      If the traffic is there but it’s not targeted would it be best to just zero everything, redirect all 404’s to home page like you say and start building from the beginning using your steps for a niche website.

      I’m inclined to lean towards doing this but I’m not an expert and don’t want to do something stupid, lol!

      Thanks for your earlier response and for your time!

genta - a couple of years ago

Wowww theres a lot information for free thank you. What widget did you input for amazon / newegg on the side ? I did try with amazon, but I should choose item one by one to put it on the site. What widget/plugin to make people search / order from our site ?

Anyway its nice to see more than 1 year post answered 😀

    Lewis Ogden - a couple of years ago

    I chose to display selected products which you can enters. I think it was 4/5 items if I remember correctly. I just used a text widget and copy/paste the code from Amazon into that.

      genta - a couple of years ago

      I see…
      So even if they reach amazon and but they other items, we still get income from it ?

Red - a couple of years ago

Hi Lewis,

I enjoyed your article and I must say I found great info up there on this topic. How many keyword searches you recommend for a keyword to decide whether this particular keyword is good to start?

Thanks for sharing this info.


    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    I usually go for at least 6k exact searches per month, however I will go as low as 3k IF there is money to be made with higher priced products or it’s a vertical market where you can branch out into other products/offers.

Sharon Matthews - a couple of years ago


Thanks for the article. I’ve a question, please.

I don’t have a niche in mind and I don’t want to go behind one either.

I’ve hundreds of high CPC keywords with 2500 searches a month in the US and long tail pro competition less than 30. They all are not interrelated. One will talk about women health and the other will talk about dating.

Can I just go ahead and make a blog with such random topics? Does a blog with such varied topics can make money from AdSense? Any examples of such blogs your can share?

    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Sure, that’s possible. Look at news sites and big magazines like Mens Health, they are primarily about fitness but also talk about a vast array of topics.

    With that being said, you would have to have a plan on how you can structure your site. I would suggest perhaps a Magazine style site for Women or Men. The reason to go more niche rather than broad is to capture a market AND it’s far easier to do this when you have a subset of a market in mind.

donyassine - a couple of years ago

Awesome article, thanks.
for the domain search prefixes, you can add also top.

NicheLaboratory - a couple of years ago

Great article thanks. I own about 50 websites. The micro-niche sites in uber competitive sites like finance are mostly dead. But I’m still doing well in less competitive niches, especially those where the adsense click value is less than $0.50.

So don’t give up, but do research your niche more thoroughly, and stay away from any niche where the biggest companies in the world make their money (e.g. travel, finance etc.)

Mukesh Nuna - a couple of years ago

I am still trying to make my mark in affiliate marketing. And there’s a lot to learn, its’ not easy, but again never give up. Thanks for this inspiration article though.

tom - a couple of years ago

does this still work in 2015?

    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Yeah of course, check out my latest 2 posts as I have just started a brand new case study showing how this works in 2015

Jerome - a couple of years ago

This is a vey informative post, even for a newbie like me. I read the whole article and all the comments. Thank you so much!

My queation is with the irst part. You metioned you have no prior knowledge in yyor chosen niche. Is it harder to gain authorityand trust that way? Do you normally use your real name on the site, use a pseudonym, or do not mention your name at all?

Thank you and i will read your 2015 version as well.

    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Hey Jerome,

    There is no need to mention a name, but sometimes it does help with ‘trust’ and branding a site. I often just create a psudo character, someone who is passionate about the topic and has lots of experience and knowledge.

Roman wells - a couple of years ago

Great post, i been doing pretty much the same thing that u described, started these tactics only couple of months ago. Did create over 70 pbn sites, used emds, partial domains, brand name oriented domains and simply was not doing well, still not doing well. Started learning about ppc campaigns, and started creating super high quality pages my self, with laser targeted based ppc campaigns.

Discovered lots of secrets, i just wish i focused on quality earlier thrn quantity. Created too many micro niche sites in the same niche, rather then jumping out and focusing on relevant niches. In regards to fever never jnew that u can get cheap links like that, i always thought of them as low quality.

I decided to use tactics i learned on other niches, and although i am still not making money on them, i realized that if u grab horizontal niche, and then extract visitors out of it and redirect them to other niches this can be good way of possibly making money.

I found new tactics trading keywords from horizontal based markets using automated scripts, based on cpc, impressions positon etc…. And some other methofs, but went through waisted efforts for a lot of money… And getting useless clicks…. I like your post, i like the secrets. Everyhing u r saying makes sense and only when i started doing this….. Which was only couple of month ago only then i startednseeing light at the end of the tunnel….. Before that it was just…. Well constant struggle…

Matt - a couple of years ago

Excellent article! Just a quick note – PowerPoint now allows you to export the slides as a video and it keeps all the transition effects and timings intact. No need to use Movie Maker anymore.

    Lewis - a couple of years ago

    Well thats pretty cool…will save sone time too! Thanks Matt!

Sushil - a couple of years ago

Hi Lewis, Awesome post, I was looking for the technique like this.
Will try to follow all of these steps, already started planning out the domain and all.

Samar Pahwa - last year

This is a nice and very useful post. But you haven’t given some practical figures required to understand, how you get $1000 per month.

How many keywords you had promoted? In how much time you had ranked your site to some good keywords? To the first month or 2 months, how much visitors should we expect, so we can get the good ranking though? How many backlinks or social shares you did and get the desired ranks?

Please assist.


    Lewis - last year

    Hey Samarm this is an old case study, you can find more up-to-date info on my latest succussful case study here. I also have a live case study here you can follow.

Dan Wright - last year

Hey Lewis, It’s a great post and very helpful for me. But I have a question, I started a small niche site 2-3 months ago, I posted 4 articles on it. Now, after 2-3 months, I want to continue that niche site. Is it possible or very difficult to get traffic on that site because I never build links, never published any article in the last 2 months? I never got more than 15 visitors a day.
Should I continue it or work on a new site?

Trung - last year

Hi Lewis,
Thank for your epic post, I learned a lot from you. Can you suggest me content writer services with cheap price and quality as yours?


    Lewis - last year

    UpWork is my preferred choice, you can also use iWriter or just write it yourself if you cannot afford to outsource just yet

Laxmi Prasanna - last year

I stopped posting in my site for 10 months. Shall i resume writing there or get a new site ? The problem is my site was ranking well. But not it’s hard to rank new posts in first page of google. Old articles are still at top.

    Lewis - last year

    I think you answered your own questions…continue with the site if the old content is still ranking well.

Ellis - last year

I note your comment about not revealing your niche, but your article doesn’t mention on what basis you assess flippa search results, or should I take it as a given that sites selling within the search parameters you have provided are operating in a successful niche? Any advice on how to refine the viability? Thanks for informative article!

    Lewis - last year

    You still need to perform your own due diligence on each site you are interested in. Google the site and products, check content is unique and look at Archive.org to see what the site has been used for in the past.

    Also look into the sellers profile, I like to see previous sales and a good account history. I am always wary of new sellers and perform extra analysis before bidding/buying a site.

Tee Ayeand - last year

Thank you Lewis, for the in-depth blog post and methods. I think that everyone can make a niche site but it’s up to their strategy and consistency to determine whether they can earn up to 1K or more a month or not. Thanks again.

sanjay - last year

Hii It was very Usefull Information

shahidbasheer - last year


I need on your web sites

what is your per post price

waiting your good reply

thank you

Arsalan - last year

Hi Lewis,

Glad to land on your site. Was just wondering that is there any way you can share contact details of your writer (if he need some work) or atleast guide us where to get this cheap but quality writing services?


    Lewis Ogden - last year

    I only use UpWork for all of my content needs. Paying between $0.01 and $0.03 per word depending on the quality and research required.

Niko - last year

What does VA stand for?

gurumantr - last year

Thanks for the excellent information. It’s completely new way for me

Dweepayan Das - last year

Great strategy Lewis! I’ll undoubtedly have to attempt it. One tip for finding domain names once you’ve gotten all of your keywords together is to use bustaname.com. It will offer you all of the offered mixtures automatically! 🙂 It’s however I realize most of my domains if I actually have a bunch of word combos to place along and choose between.

Einstein - last year

Please I am in nigeria.. Just trying to start this..please I really need to make even very little peanut money.. Please help me out

    Lewis Ogden - last year

    Do you have a specific question?

      einstein - last year

      I would like to know if there are differences in any part of this due to a persons location.. Like I said earlier I am from Nigeria, difference in payment maybe??

        Lewis Ogden - last year

        No you can promote Amazon.com products regardless of which country you are located. There main requirement is a good looking website with decent content. Get that and apply for their affiliate program and get started TODAY! Don’t worry about these questions/worries, it works and there a lots of people doing this full time.

        Lewis Ogden - last year

        No, you can promote Amazon.com products regardless of which country you are located. There main requirement is a good looking website with decent content. Get that and apply for their affiliate program and get started TODAY! Don’t worry about these questions/worries, it works and there a lot’s of people doing this full time.

Snehitha - last year

Lewis, Thanks for in depth researched article. Surely try your methodology for my niche sites.

Tim - last year

Thanks a lot Lewis for the indepth guide, It is of great use for me. I am trying everything mentioned in the article and I am confident that I can earn morethan 1000$ per month easily. This guide helped me a lot to know my potential 🙂

Barak - last year

Thank you Lewis for the very useful information,
could you please provide examples (links) to 2-3 micro niche sites? as a begginer, i wonder how it looks like,
Thanks again

    Lewis Ogden - last year

    Hi Barak, you will find in SEO and niche site building that people don’t like to share their sites as people will simply copy them.

      Barak - last year

      I know, therefore what I meant was whether you could help me by sending a link to a site (I beleive there are plenty) which acts as a micro niche site, regardless of who owns it and to which niche it belongs to.
      I read a lot about it but reviewing an actual website would help me a lot

        Lewis Ogden - last year

        Like I said, people in this industry do not want to share their sites and I therefore will not share other peoples nor my own. If you are thinking of a specific niche, simply Google “best XXX review” and you will likely find niche sites ranking on page 1 (depending on the industry). You can use those as an example and reverse engineer what they are doing.

AArti - last year

wow. just wow , that was a huge interesting and awesome guide you have here !!!

Wayne - last year

Lewis, a fantastic and informative article which provides real nuggets of information on earning a passive income from affiliate marketing. I have just started affiliate marketing in the self improvement niche. Love the piece you highlighted around long tail keywords; this has been a real learning point for me.

Thanks again for a great article


Bhuboy Villanueva - last year

If you are making a niche site, and want to blog the process in your main blog, which is better , to reveal the url in your main blog or keep it a secret. Thanks in advance

    Lewis Ogden - last year

    In this industry, there are some unsavory people, some of which I have personally come across. Therefore I would keep it a secret to avoid any issues.

      Bhuboy Villanueva - last year

      Hi Lewis

      Thanks for the response and advice

John - last year


Thanks for your articles. You mentioned that you typically spread your websites across different hosting services, can you explain why you do this?

    Lewis Ogden - last year

    Simply to avoid footprints, also I prefer UK based servers for my UK sites and US servers for the others.

Dam - last year

Thank you for this excellent article !

But , i don’t understand how to create unique content easily and ” massively ” …

With a VA who to use a PLR article ? or he writes a unique article to starting from zero ?


    Lewis Ogden - last year

    Never PLR content, it’s terrible. Always a new article from scratch and don’t hire a VA to do this…you need a writer.

    John - last year

    Unless you are a writer, then you cant. If you sacrifice quality over quantity, then google will just kill you later on, and if this is the case, then you need to buy your way, no matter the cost of your content, never keep a writer around if they do not have very good English, most people merely neglect this, and just slap up the content once it is turned over to them; anytime your writer gives you content, then you need to analyze it closely for quality. I am on the fence concerning PBNs, google is always looking for a reason to bust your site, and if not done properly, then you could loose your entire site to a penalty. I think lewis could have made it without the use of PBNs, I just think it would have taken him loner then 4-6 months. a pbn is not natural link building, it is un-natural juice pumping, so he could rank up the later quicker, and linkbuilding should be done slowly, over a period of time ie: 5-10 links per month (for new sites), and I mean good quality backlinks, and nothing less, then maybe later, throw in some low quality links for link diversity; 100% quality links is un-natural. 100% do-follow links is un-natural; 100% pbn is un-natural. 1: use good site design, 2: high quality content, 3: on-page seo, 4: high quality link building, then repeat repeat steps 1-4…oh yea, do your research like lewis has mentioned, this can be the difference of success or fail before you even start.

John - last year

Let me give you guys an idea of what a bad niche is. I setup a camera site couple years back, and found out very quickly that “cameras” of any kind are very competitive, and this goes for camera accessories also, at the time, even the keywords seemed fairly doable, however, I spent months, and months going no-where. tip: if you choose a keyword that you think is good, and your video does not rank within seconds of submitting your videos, then that maybe an indication that there maybe a challenge ahead. If you picked a good keyword, then your video will rank high almost immediately. I created 20 videos around various products; Only 1 video managed to rank #1, and 15 min later the video was replaced by another; This is how competitive this niche is; Just because you are an expert on cameras or gopro does not mean you will get an easy pass to break into this niche; cameras have been around for many, many years, and there are camera affiliate sites that have been around for many, many years, so you have to complete with affiliate, amazon, ebay, and actual name brand camera sites. If you disagree, then feel free to let me know, and why, so choosing the right niche from the start is imperative. The worst thing you do is listen to the wind..”oh that is a great niche” that is no niche research, and could end up costing you 100’s or even 1000s in the long run; is your time not valuable?

Dam - last year

One other question ,
Do retrieve the content from the old site is it harmful to the seo ?

Dam - last year

OK sorry

Can i do recover the old content of the site on webarchive.org ?

Is it harmful to the seo ?

With this strategy of free content for satellite website , there is no need writers ….

    Lewis Ogden - last year

    You can do this but I would check if the content has been moved to another domain first…use smallseotools.com and their plagiarism checker to see.

    Also, I am not sure on the legalities of this as the content is copyright to the original owner…so it’s slightly grey hat with some risk.

Dam - last year

ok, I totally understand your response !

Craig - last year

Great stuff Lewis! I really loved this article and the fresh perspective of using Flippa to find niches that have the potential to be profitable. It’s nice to start off knowing your site has the potential of those being sold if you do it correctly.


Fauzi - last year

Hi Lewis ,

It’s really an eye opener for me.But i just wondering if this method works wonder for you in 2016 ? , since your posted this gold mine method back in 2013..
And is there any way for you to find a profitable niche beside using flippa ?
And lastly could your method works if i monetized it with clickbank ?


    Lewis Ogden - last year

    This strategy still works, there is nothing here that you cannot do and people are still doing it today. You can find niche ideas anywhere…just look around your home, school or job you will find products and services you can build a site around…the Flippa method is good because you get an idea of how long it takes to rank in a niche and how much income potential there is.

    Clickbank, Amazon, AdSense, JVZoo…they are all the same…it’s the niche, competition and keywords you need to crack.

    Lewis Ogden - last year

    This strategy still works, there is nothing here that you cannot do and people are still doing it today. You can find niche ideas anywhere…just look around your home, school or job you will find products and services you can build a site around…the Flippa method is good because you get an idea of how long it takes to rank in a niche and how much income potential there is.

    Clickbank, Amazon, AdSense, JVZoo…they are all the same…it’s the niche, competition and keywords you need to crack.

Tads Manda - 10 months ago

Hi Lewis, Thanks for this great step by step case Study. I got some new ideas while i am reading your post and that is :- i will use ahrefs keyword explorer tool to find extremely low hanging fruits and use high matrix expired web 2.0 instead of PBN.. and rest i will follow your method.

Thanks for this great post.. regards.

    Lewis Ogden - 10 months ago

    Let me know how you get on the with Ahrefs tool, personally, I think it’s shit and offers zero value but hey, I am happy to be proved wrong.

Bhajan - 10 months ago

Gone the time when you had success with small niche blogs. You need to now treat your new niche sites as your daily updated blog.

    Lewis Ogden - 10 months ago

    Clearly you have no experience in this field, otherwise, you wouldn’t say silly things like that.

Roy - 10 months ago

Hey Lewis Just came across your article. I have always been interested in starting a website my interest and “expertise” are wide and varied what do you suggest I do to start. Thanks in advance

    Lewis Ogden - 10 months ago

    Hey Roy, it helps to pick a niche on a topic you have some interest or at least knowledge in to start with. Most people fail as they have no commitment to succeed.

    Start by looking at what you know/like and ask yourself:

    1) Is there a group of people hungry for information in this niche
    2) Are there plenty of products you can promote (I’d start with Amazon)

    If you can answer “Yes” to both, then investigate further.

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